Letters to Jackie: Remembering President Kennedy (11/17/2013)

Role: Voice/Himself
Status: Completed

Letters to Jackie is based on the book “Letters to Jackie: Condolences from a Grieving Nation” by Ellen Fitzpatrick. For two months after the President’s assassination, the White House received more than 800,000 letters for the first lady, who lost her husband and the father of her children. Letters poured in from all over the United States and from several nations around the world, and the writers represented all ages, races, religions and political persuasions. The writers included a 13-year-old suffering from polio, who wrote words of strength for Jackie; a Peace Corps volunteer who’d heard the news from his post in Ethiopia; and an African-American woman who wrote to tell the first lady how her husband’s efforts in the Civil Rights Movement had affected her life. The letters are read by some of today’s most recognizable celebrity voices.

Channing Tatum Participates in TLC's 'Letters to Jackie' JFK Special

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination, Channing Tatum is lending his voice as one of the readers on TLC's moving documentary 'Letters To Jackie: Remembering President Kennedy', which airs TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m Central and repeats at 11:03 p.m. Eastern/10:03 Central. In case you miss it, the special will air again this Friday, November 22nd at 11 a.m....
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