Channing Tatum Disguise Omaze Sweepstakes

Check out Channing Tatum dancing in disguise at the first-ever screening of ‘Magic Mike XXL‘. They told fans it would be in “3D”, but we don’t think anyone saw this coming…

Watch below, then ENTER HERE for a chance to be his special guest at the premiere!

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39 Responses to Want to Win a Trip to the ‘Magic Mike XXL’ Premiere?

  1. Jess says:

    ja ja ja visit uruguay punta del este to the premiere!!! greetings from here!!

  2. more definitely I do I want to be the first person to see it please let me win

  3. Christine Marie Joy C Tamayo says:

    Please let me win, it would be the greatest prize received in my entire life if given the chance. All the way from Philippines,im a banker but definitely would take a leave. I am his Number 1 fan and to MMXXL! Looking forward! GODSPEED MMXXL!!

  4. i wish i wish see u in personal .u are my big favorite acturi love wacth all ur movie magic mic make me crazy u are so hot sexy men

  5. Suzanne Marshall says:

    U r awesome!!!!!! I love magic mike and can’t wait to c u in xxl. Xxxxxx

  6. Jaime Nelson says:

    I really would love to donate, to enter the contest,to see the premere but oct1st2014 I had a major strokeat 35yrs old due to stress,my father died died Oct 2,2014 after a 2 week battle in ICU.I have 95% recovered but am unable to work ,so I am waiting for disability. My fabulous husband just graduated top of his class for aeroframe and power plant mechanic,he is a genius,and is now interview for we are unable to donate but think magic Mike is awsome, the dancing clothes on or off is the hottest thing. Here in wisconsin we don’t have many men that can dance! So I love to watch the dancing.I use to
    O dance but that is one thing I have not gotten back yet still working! Not ready to give up yet!

  7. TinaYande says:

    I would love to go to this premier. I am a huge fan of Channing Tatum. I loved the first Magic Mike so much that when it came out on dvd, I bought it. Now there’s a part 2. OMG!!!♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I will own that one,too.

  8. Pauline says:

    would so much love to meet you i watch all your movies over and over again .Would be 1 of the best things ever to happen in my life apart form having my 2 sons x

  9. Shari Cripe says:

    The movie was amazing!!! Can’t wait to see it again!! Love, a loyal fan in Indiana

  10. Veronica says:

    Keep doing what u doing. Just always keep God first. And surprise me on my birthday. Lol

  11. leisa says:

    You can ‘ Channing All Over My Tatum ‘ anytime you want. Would be a dream come true to meet you Channing xx

  12. LuAnn Needham says:

    I would have LOVED to have been with Channing Tatum for his Magic Mike XXL Premier. :-) I have already Preordered my copy. And it is going to drive me crazy waiting for it to come in. I was , told that it wouldn’t arrive to my home until Jan. 7, 2016. I would LOVE to spend ANYTIME with Channing Tatum doing Anything..

  13. Treena says:

    Hey! I have a “Girls Weekend” trip planned next month. Is there any way of getting a copy of the movie before the release date? A large group of us went to see Magic Mike in theaters & had a blast! Unfortunately I have moved & was unable to repeat the experience. :(

  14. kindra nelson says:

    Im a big fan of jenna and channjng since the first step up so wonderful they fell inlove and got married please give the chance to meet new people new friends and possibly meet u both thank you .

  15. kindra nelson says:

    Im such a big fan of jenna and channing tatum since the movie step up, 21 jump street 22 jump street and magic mike jupiter ascending , i watch alot of movies and jenna will get the chance to watch your shows as well i am so happy for you both for falling inlove and haveing a wonderful baby everly is beautiful. Please givve me the chance to meet new friends and see a place i have never been to and meet you both if i can thank you so much for reading email me at [email protected] please anytime you both wanna talk i would be glad to hear any of it , experiences life in a big city ,so on i want to see the world but funds arent always available so i sit here wandering if someone will pick me and maybe if i got picked i could meet people and maybe get a god job somewhere instead of in medford oregon where there isnt much . Thank you again have a good day.

  16. Jenna Cipitelli says:

    Hi channing,i love you and your movies.specially Magic Mike XXL.Fav movie EVER!!!!

  17. Jenna Cipitelli says:

    LOVE YOU CHANING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Giovanna says:

    I love when he dance!

  19. zengda says:


  20. Amanda H says:

    I know where you are coming from from Jaime Nelson,I been dealing with stuff from childhood,to teenage years.And I’m getting better that I’m dealing with it now.But due to all of that I have PSTD and other health problems where I had a stroke at 28yrs old.But I’m trying to get released from Dr to go back to work.My daughter 14yrs old just started modeling/acting and she’s in Marching band first year,and school basketball team.She has a lot going on,me being a single mom I love do more for her,and support her.And her have a better life than I did.Her famous mentor is Justin Bieber she’s hoping one day with all this modeling and stuff she will see him lol,which I told her he dontvcare to much about fans where we live haha and my mentor is Channing I loved all his movies The Vow,Dear John,White house Down,G.I Joe, and both Magic Mike He wasn’t far when he made the second movie from us my daughter happened to be at Mrytle Beach when it was being mad so jealous lol.But when it comes to actors we are fans of are artist us fans are like little ants we don’t mean anything to be honest unless you live in the areas on West coast and East coast where they live.Seriously laying everything to the side they DO NOT care much about Fans,JustinBieber didn’t even respond to my daughter’s bday wish which was a letter or video chat ughhh Well we can watch movies over and over or music that’s as close as you get.NY daughter said,”if she got FAM”she would be different then artist and actors now days.They think they are so better than their fans.It don’t matter what you go through in life either they don’t care…HONESTLY

  21. Telia Kirbie says:

    I would like to win just to give my mom the tickets and let her go with who she feels like. Considering that we have been struggling so hard these past couple of years. I think that she deserves to go do something exciting and treat herself with an event that peaks her interests.
    I Love You Mommy! Good Luck and I Hope this works!!

  22. I’ve been a huge fan of Mrs. Jenna and Mr. Channing since the beginning of time. Have followed their movies, TV shows and so on! I can only dream and hope for the best to be a lucky winner for this event! Much love from your biggest fan ever!

  23. Leane says:

    Please please let me win this I am totally in love with channing Tatum. This is once in a life time my dreams will come true hopefully thank you love from ur biggest fan ever xxx

  24. Manuela says:

    Olá Channing Tatum gostaria de te parabenizar pelo seu trabalho sou sua fã!! não falo Inglês muito menos escrevo inglês!! (Adoro seus filmes) você faz seus filmes com muita dedicação e amor!! fico super empolgada e ansiosa quando lança um filme com sua participação, já assisti todos os seus filmes!! sou muito sua fã!! E do fundo do coração eu espero e quero muito que você faça muitos muitos filmes que você seja mais reconhecido do que você já é!! Te desejo infinitas coisas boas!! Sucesso saúde Virtude e Serenidade!! Obrigada por você ser tão profissional! Te Adoro Channing

  25. carolina silva says:

    Love your movies, such a great dancer and actor. Love to see your Vegas Show. Love and Hugs from Cartagena ,Colombia

  26. Mellisa Stoker says:

    We would love to come for a distraction. Our best friend just hung herself, and the trio is down to two. The other survivor here with me is your biggest fan. And she was the closest to the friend we lost. If you look on my FB, you can see all about it. I am Mellisa Stoker. Our friend who passed was Grace and her best friend of all friends was Halle. This could help distract her temporarily at the least? Thanks for reading.

  27. Crystal Hendren says:

    I have been a fan since day one! You are awesome! I dont know if it’s too late to possibly enter…. I could really use some good news and fun…plus to get to see Channing! Please count me in?! Pick me! I’m packed and ready

  28. 增达网 says:


  29. Renu says:

    Hey i m a big fan of yours … i dont wanna this for the sake of winning but wanna win this so that i can see you and can do some dance moves with u.

  30. Amanda Arp says:

    Hi in a very big fan of yours!!!! I love all your movies

  31. Dani says:

    Hey, es wäre wahnsinnig toll, jedoch ziemlich unrealistisch, dies zu gewinnen. Aber die Vorstellung ist schon toll! Allen viel Glück und dem künftigen Gewinner eine Menge Spaß!

  32. Dani says:

    Es wäre tatsächlich etwas ganz besonderes für so ein einfaches Mädchen wie mich, so etwas zu gewinnen, so weit zu fliegen, in einem Hotel zu schlafen und sich mit jemanden zu unterhalten, der ein vollkommen anderes Leben führt. Jedoch kann es auch sein, das es kühl und distanziert wäre, einfach nur ein Job, gänzlich ohne Interresse und somit vermutlich gar nicht so angenehm, da man sich dadurch überflüssig und fehl am Platz fühlen könnte. Aber wer weiß, ich würde mich überraschen lassen und es in vollen Zügen genießen, da es einmalig wäre!

  33. Sophie Harris says:

    I would love to win and take my daughter with me. You and your wife are the best and so awesome with your fans. I would be happy to have an autographed pic of you. Thanks for visiting Harlan Ky, my hometown for the making of your new movie. God Bless you and your family

  34. Tara says:

    what are my chances lol probably not that great but hey Canning..I love how you be all you can be

  35. Ashley daugherty says:

    Pick me pick me pick me lol

  36. Lizelle says:

    Please pick me!!!! I am definately one of your biggest fans and simply love all your movies and obviously you. I will even dance a magic Mike dance if I get pick :)

  37. Hi i’m from Phillipines..actually i am your fan after i watch all your movies.,from Step Up with you pretty wife Jenna.,its amazing i love to dance but dancing don’t want me to learn about it hahahaha..well i guess its my opportunity to meet or see with my own eyes my idol my crush hehe in person.,oh how i love watching all your movies.,i watch Step up 4 times hahah and Jupites Ascending 5 times.,magic mike for 10 times..and counting to watch more of your movies..hope you and jenna will have a mivie again..please pick me although i am so far from others and not even near to US hehehe..hope to hear more news and movies from you..good luck and more blessings and more movies to a single mom and my daughter also love to dance but as i’ve said dancing don’t want us hehehe like mother like daughter but it won’t stop us to do what ever we want in dancing in our own way..ilove you channing and jenna more power..

  38. Can soms one please tell me that if i can win this. I am from holland and whanne give a suprice to my friend. Or help me to get some tickets and hotel.