Channing Tatum White House Down Blu-ray/DVD

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum‘s Facebook and Twitter accounts tomorrow for your chance to WIN a copy of ‘White House Down‘ on Blu-ray/DVD, the movie’s poster, or a #ChanningAllOverYourTatum t-shirt — all signed by Chan!

The film, from blockbuster director Roland Emmerich and costarring Jamie Foxx, arrives on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, so we’re hosting this giveaway to both celebrate its release and to thank loyal Chan fans for their endless support. Check out the film’s trailer below, and follow Chan on social media for your chance to win!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered our signed White House Down swag giveaway! Our winners are listed below. If you won on Twitter, make sure you’re following @ChanningTatum so you can receive a direct message, and Facebook winners should keep an eye out for a message from a Team Tatum representative! – #TeamTatum


@shazzblack68 – T-Shirt
@LuciaMahone98 – T-Shirt
@KArmstrong2011 – Blu-ray Combo Pack
@britttbrittt25 – T-Shirt
@jmarie_469 – T-Shirt
@AlyssaBlews – Blu-ray Combo Pack
@netnet28 – T-Shirt
@strim88 – T-Shirt
@Plasteredchick – Poster
@Leslie_Fonseca – T-Shirt


Karen Defore – T-Shirt
Pita Garcia – Blu-ray Combo Pack
Lucy Baker – T-Shirt
Kristin Briner – T-Shirt
Simon Wills – T-Shirt
Audrey Kelly – T-Shirt
Dakota Dively – Blu-ray Combo Pack
Mandi Hammett – Blu-ray Combo Pack
Angie Fredericks – T-Shirt
Cece Torres – T-Shirt

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9 Responses to WIN ‘White House Down’ Swag Signed by Channing Tatum!

  1. theresa deleon says:

    And the countdown starts now! Show some love for Houston :-)

  2. rossana says:

    hi I saw this movie in Italy is fantastic !!!

  3. Clear says:

    This is a fantastic movie! I love it!

  4. rossana says:

    Finally a movie were Channing is present until the end of the movie eh eh eh ….. we love it so much !!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Nibathi says:

    Hi Chan! Watched this while I was on vac in the UK! Loved it. I am from SRI LANKA, doubt if you even heard of my country. Keep your good work. Loads of love to you, Jenna & the baby. PICK ME as a winner for a Tee signed by you. :D :D :D
    May you prosper more & more every single day! Love love love xox

  6. Nibathi says:

    Its so unfortunate that non of those movies release in cinemas here in my country Sri Lanka. Always have to watch online. :/
    Ah I know you and Jenna are online now, both of you have been retweeting ;) Drop a Hi will ya?
    So much love again Chan! <3

  7. Megan Ridenhour says:

    Channing Matthew Tatum’s number one fan here! Everybody that knows me knows Channing as my husband!! I love you Channing, & I would LOVE to win this! I would be speechless.

  8. Crystal says:

    Love you! Your amazing in everyway ❤️

  9. Anna says:

    hey you are an great actor i love white house down i saw this film in germany :-P at home

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