Entertainment Tonight recently visited the New Orleans set of the 21 Jump Street sequel, 22 Jump Street, where Channing Tatum showed off his stunt skills, dished on fatherhood, and shared what it’s like to experience frat life while filming the movie, which focuses on Jenko and Schmidt as they go undercover at a local college.

As for his rapport with co-star Jonah Hill? The brotherhood is back on as Jonah claims their shoot consists of “97% a$$-slapping and 3% acting”. Sounds fun to us! Check out their exclusive new interview below:

Also, check out 21 Jump Street’s Facebook page for a countdown of the “22 Funniest Moments”! They’ve already posted #22 and #21 — what do you think the next 20 will be? Click here and be sure to “LIKE” their page to find out!

21 Jump Street Moments
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  1. Daniel says:

    Dear CTU could You to tell me if the premier of this movie will be in London? Will be Channing on this premier?

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