Saints and Sinners Reality Show Channing Tatum

After a successful foray into both film and TV, Channing Tatum and his producing team are now diving into reality television! The untitled hourlong docuseries is currently in the pilot stage at A&E, the network behind the smash hit ‘Duck Dynasty’, and will follow the entertainers of Chan’s New Orleans-based restaurant/burlesque club Saints and Sinners, which he opened last year with his friend Keith Kurtz.

Excited to check it out? Click here for more info, and stay tuned to CTU for updates!

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2 Responses to Channing Tatum’s Saints and Sinners Gets Reality Series!!

  1. Michael Ramos says:

    Great job, Chan and all for all u have accomplished. You have Truly come along way. I own a lot of your movies on dvd and will eventually own them all so keep making movies. You r indeed one of my better actors. Congratulations on your new baby girl. I have 2 new great nieces with whom I have not seen yet. Coincidentally, they have almost the same name:Emma & Ella. I will see Emma for the first time come Thanksgiving. Keep up the Great work u r doing.

  2. Jennifer Ray says:

    Only knowing about you through the eyes of IMDB (and your talent as an actore)….your profile is impressive with elements of doing whatever it takes to get you to your next project. I admire go getters and I think that if you can relay that through your new “reality” show….that may help inspire others to go after what they want in life too. However, with you being as “hot” and on top of your game as you are….and Jenna being as “hot” and at the top as she is (especially with her new show) – your fans are going to soak up a reality tv show. Even though reality shows have been over done….You have such a great chance at a hit. Seizing the moment of popularity is the key. Congrats to you and Jenna on your new addition of a lovely baby girl – children are such a blessing (even though the’yll drive you cray most of the time – there isn’t anything more fantistically amazing than watching your child (children) grow! Many blessing on a hit show! Once we see the promos – my daughters and I’ll tune in! (Break a leg)

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