For the first time in his career, Channing Tatum has found his way on to Forbes 2013 List of The Most Powerful Celebrities! Their annual Celebrity 100 measures fame via celebrity earnings over the last 12 months, mentions in print and on TV, strength of their Internet presence, how they’re viewed by American consumers, and marketability.


Chan earned his spot after coming off a powerhouse year with multiple hits as an actor and producer on projects like ‘21 Jump Street‘ and ‘Magic Mike‘, the latter of which made a whopping $167 million worldwide on a meager $7 million budget.

Can’t wait to see what’s next? Stay tuned to CTU for the latest!

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7 Responses to Channing Tatum on Forbes 2013 Most Powerful Celebrities List

  1. Kelsey DiCarlo says:

    Congratulations Chan! You are the best actor i know, and i know for a fact you will make it very far in life. Everybody loves you <3 It's impossible for any human being not to. You a great guy, and you have a warm heart :) Love you Chan <3 Good luck! -Kelsey

  2. Roberta Schloesser (@cranberri32) says:

    Not an easy feat being named to “Forbes 2013 List of The Most Powerful Celebrities.” In your wildest dreams did you ever imagine? Well done!

  3. Yamile Vicens says:

    Last Night, I saw the white house down, wow wonderful !!! Congratulations!!!!

  4. Soraya Lobos says:

    Just want to congratulate you and Jenna for the arrival of your baby girl. I wish you both( three) all the best. I also want to say that you are a beautiful couple and both of you seems to be very down to earth which is a gift living in this world of fame and luxury that you are living now. Please do not change. You have what is the most important thing in life: TRUE LOVE.
    God bless you.

  5. David Alvarado says:

    Are you able in San Diego , I like your roles , would love to someday meet you n get some tips from you

  6. Christina Davis says:

    Just like to say You are the most wonderful actor I’ve seen in life time not bc ur Hott but bc u stand up for the person u are u dont change for anybody and u have morals!! I really never thought I would truly say this to and actor but u have proved urself to the world that u r who u r I love all quality s about u.. I also think that u and Jenna are amazing together u think u too ate the sweetest couple and u too will make great parents.. I have 2 lil boys and there’s nothing better and I wish u 2 the best out of life!! ❤ Christina Davis from Kentucky much love to ur family!!

  7. Cheryl says:

    I’ve been a fan since Step Up and never once stop! Please continue to do great things and I will keep supporting you! xxx Cheryl from far far away Singapore

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