Check out Channing Tatum talking fatherhood and ‘White House Down‘ on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and don’t miss the outtakes from their hilarious “Channing All Over Your Tatum” music video as well as a brand new “Waffle House Down” spoof! 

Interview PART 1:

Interview PART 2:

Interview PART 3:

Channing All Over Your Tatum” Outtakes:



Waffle House Down” Skit:

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6 Responses to Channing Tatum Brings the Waffle House Down on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  1. Kayo Suzuhigashi says:

    Channing-san, I love Waffle House Down film . Funny Funny ! I laughed a lot your comedy character! and the old couple was charming. Also I got advance ticket that is being release WHD film on 16th August in Japan. I look forward watch it at theater & I hope you will visit Japan! Good luck ♪

  2. Kelsey DiCarlo says:

    Haha i think im dying of laughter over here :D Definitely have to see more on Waffle House Down! Channing did such a great job acting in that film of what i could see. He’s so serious in the stupidest and hilarious situation… how do you keep a straight face :P just shows to prove what a great actor you are Chan! <3 I loved White House Down by the way!! It was AMAZING, couldnt have been any better <3 I live in Rhode Island, but i hope to meet you some day, but if i cant meet you, i at least intend on getting your autograph <3 My life long dream so far, but im only 13, so you never know where the world will bring you :/ haha but anyways, that was an adorable "Channing" onsie!! I have a 2 year old brother, so i know all about the baby days haha have fun :) love you Chan, Jenna, and babygirl Everly xoxxoo

  3. LenaMelody says:

    Congrats on the baby Everly, great success with your movie career….love Channing Tatum your are Awesome.

  4. elma deananeas says:

    wishing you more success! you deserve it.

  5. elma deananeas says:

    please come to PH-the Philippines.

  6. Kate says:

    You’re great actor and dancer. And you’re MyFavourite actor. Have a great life jenna and your sweety doughter

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