Channing Tatum - Jenna Dewan-Tatum Daughter Everly Tatum

New parents Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum have exclusively debuted the first photo of their newborn daughter Everly to their fans on their social media networks!

As we previously reported, the couple revealed the name of their daughter who was born in London on May 31st. Happy for the new mom and pop? Head on over to Channing’s Instagram and Facebook to leave your well wishes!

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28 Responses to Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Debut First Photo of Daughter Everly!

  1. Ricardo says:


  2. valentine73 says:

    A splendi baby congratulations to special parents .Everly is wonderful

  3. valentine73 says:

    A splendid baby congratulations to special parents .Everly is wonderful

  4. Богданова Наталья says:

    На подушке тихо счастье маленькое спит, за игрушку уцепилось, своим носиком сопит. Эти крохотные ручки вечно буду целовать! Счастье не земное, как тебя еще назвать!!!

  5. juan romero says:

    tienes una linda nena espero q sea tan feliz como se ven sus padres en el futuro muchas bendiciones

  6. Kelsey DiCarlo says:

    That’s precious <3 Congrts Chan and Jeena! You two are going to make wonderful parents :) Enjoy every second of it :) I love you guys so much :) Welcome to the World BabyGirl :) Everly, you are beautiful just like your parents! Good luck! -Kelsey

  7. Kim F. says:

    Congratulations to all of you. Everly is just as beautiful as her parents are! Enjoy every moment as they will go by fast and capture as many moments on film as you can! You are all blessed!

  8. Senoj M'yhel says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to both of you Channing and Jenna. I’ve been a BIG fan eversince your movie together STEP UP! You two look so beautiful together and sure bet your daughter will be as beautiful as her mom, Jenna. I just wanted to let you both know that WE LOVE YOU BOTH and we’re a great fan of you CHANNING – You have a world of FILIPINA fans on FB, Channing. CONGRATULATIONS again and May GOD bless and guide you both as a good parent to your daughter.

  9. Jessica says:

    Jenna and Chan Everley is beautiful Congratulations to you both

  10. Asya Blake says:

    Congratulations! When I saw this picture the first thing I said was “look at Jenna” SO GORGEOUS. Best wishes, you guys are amazing! Everly is a perfect little bundle :)

  11. renee says:

    So beautiful! !! Enjoy every second because our lil angels grow up so quickly. God bless your family.

  12. dominika says:

    she is beatiful like you !!!!! congratulation

  13. Michelle says:

    Everly is precious! You two are obviously in love with her. Enjoy each moment … savor and cherish! Raising children truly makes life worth living.

  14. [...] Compare the dramatic build-up to Channing Tatum and his wife, who simply posted a photo of daughter Everly online on Father’s [...]

  15. [...] Compare the dramatic build-up to Channing Tatum and his wife, who simply posted a photo of daughter Everly online on Father’s [...]

  16. Sara says:

    Congratulations Tatums on your happy & healthy lil family!! Everly is beautiful just like her momma lookin like she might bebtallblike her daddy!

  17. gaylenemcewen says:

    love the name for your precious little one….you are such a beautiful family!!! :)

  18. Helena says:


  19. Elvira says:


  20. ArgentinianFan says:

    So much love in this pic! Babies bring blessings and joy in our hearts. Congratulations to both of you!! Beautiful family!!

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  22. Nur says:

    Congratulations on the new baby .. I love you .. Welcome to our world

  23. damitra says:

    You are going to love being a parent. I just had my 4th child on July 3rd and i can honestly say it keeps getting better.

  24. Plenko says:

    Thanks god let me find this website! How adorable baby!!!!

  25. Kaitlynn Halbrooks says:

    OMG :) I love this picture! Congrats!

  26. Ella Bolonias says:

    You look so amazing with your girls! I really like you @channingtatum also @jenadewantatum, i love you as a couple!

  27. karina says:

    felicitaciones por tu niña hermosa

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