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  1. Jessica L. says:

    Awesome pics. Chan, you look short compared to Reid lol.

  2. alana Aus says:

    chan , to me you look cute

  3. Chan, your so tall. What is he like seven feet? As always great pics., can’t wait to see you on Jimmy Fallon and so excited to see Side Effects on the BIG SCREEN. Much love to you…. Jenna , and your precious baby.

  4. Liz A. says:

    Looking good Reid!

  5. Channing, you must talk Magic Mike Producer/Side Effects ( awesome movie too bad you were only in it for a little bit. A big let down ) out of retirement so Magic Mike 2 can be made. Saw you announce it on Jimmy Fallon, can we start a petition or do something to make him do this last project… All fans heads up READDDDDDDDDDDDDDD THIS !!!!!!!! P.S. G.I. Joe Trailer looks awesome can’t wait to see you on the big screen again… Please keep making movies , I’m a 40 yr. old on social security disability besides doctors , physical therapy your movies are my release. Your an awesome actor and will be a great dad, Jenna is a lucky woman. God Bless.

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