It’s official…a little Tatum tot is on the way! After meeting while filming their dance hit ‘Step Up‘ in 2005 and having a fairytale wedding in 2009, two amazingly beautiful souls are about to bring another beautiful soul into this world!

HUGE CONGRATS to Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and the entire Tatum clan on expecting their first little munchkin! :-D

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25 Responses to Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Have a Baby on Board!!!

  1. valentine73 says:

    All happinness for your baby what will come all love to you wonderful news .

  2. Hania says:

    This is wonderful news :) All the best for You and Your family. Beautifull New Year’s greetings from Poland :)

  3. Shannon says:

    There is nothing like parenthood……it is like reliving your childhood all over again through their eyes!

  4. Olar Adina Maria says:

    congratulation for futute dad !!!

  5. valentine73 says:

    Will be a wonderful dad I’m happy for you

  6. Mariane says:

    I’am so glad for you Chan, you’ve been waiting so long to being a dad. Best wishes

  7. I’m Soooo excited you guys are finally having a little baby!!
    Wish you much health, love and understanding for your relationship, you are my favorite couple, you are beautiful together!
    Much Love for both of you!! I’m such a fan of both! ♥ I’m sure you will be awesome parents! =)

    I can’t wait to see Baby Tatum, he/she will have awesome rhythm and perfect genes lol!

  8. Lily says:

    Super happy for u and Jenna u will be a great dad and Jenna will be a great mom congrats:)

  9. valentine73 says:

    A 2013 full of emotions and all all successes

  10. Andrea says:

    Congrats to you both! You will be great parents…there’s nothing like it! So….when’s the due date??

  11. Gismaro Noslin says:

    Channing and Jenna are both amazing people, such great hearts.
    The way they talk when they’re on Ellen or Jimmy Kimmel or whatever.. They are so smart and so kind.
    I feel Channing is gonna be an amazing father, he’s gonna give that lil nugget the best life ever.
    So is Jenna, she’s gonna be the defenition of the word ‘Mother.’
    I wish Chan, Jenn and the baby all the best! And of course everyone in their family.

  12. Jess says:

    congratulations channing, i think your an amazing actor and dancer and i wish you all the best with your new bundle of joy :) x

  13. congratulations channing and jenna, on your first baby best of luck!!!!! says:

    Congratulations Channing and Jenna, on your first baby best of luck!!!

  14. Stephanie Couto says:

    You two will have such an adorable baby!!! You should hold a fan contest to help with baby names!! Im just sayin :)

  15. Johanna says:

    Congrats! You will be really amazing parents! :)

  16. Mireya Rodriguez says:

    Congratulations on your new Tot in the oven…I’m positive boy or girl that bby we’ll be a beautiful/handsome lil guy/gal with such good looking parents as you both are. God Bless! Super XCited for ya’ll.

  17. soumia stockholm says:

    nice and congratulation both of you

  18. Eliana says:

    First of all Jenna & Channing, a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your little blessing to your growing family!!!! I saw the both of you on the academy awards, and I swear you two were the most stunning couple that ever walked the red carpet!!!!! I know it was your first time to attend, but you two were a hit!!!!! Jenna was just glowing and Channing you were beaming!!! I am such a fan of both of you. Have seen all your movies and I feel like I know you personally. If you need a nanny when your baby is born, I,m the one for you! That’s what I do for a living and I love it!!! My

  19. sarah says:

    i am so happy for both of you! Im sure she will be beautiful! and most likley have a six pack!

  20. Tiana says:

    Next to the life this little one will live, enjoy parenting and I pray all my heart no harm and Gods love upon you all. I am too excited to hear the childs name and see all your faces.

  21. Grace says:

    Your baby has to be the best looking baby in the world with you as parents. So glad for you both.

  22. Erica says:

    Congrats to both of you!!! Having children is a true blessing, I have two daughters and there wonderful!! Can’t wait to see pics, I bet she is so beautiful!

  23. Linda vai ser sua família! Parabens! Adoro todos os seus filmes u.u ((;

  24. Miss Julie Nahar says:

    l am deaf , you are my faviour. l said wow really film amazing. you are wonderful!!!.you fit and healthyans sexy. l love you babe xxx

  25. Miss Julie Nahar says:

    l deaf, you are my favour. l said wow really film amazing. you are wonderful!!!. you fit, healthy and sexy. you well done hard worl film. l love you babe xxxx.

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