It’s a historic Tatum TuesdayGQ Magazine just joined in on the weekly celebration by announcing that Channing Tatum is one of their Men of the Year for 2012!

After having 3 of his 5 films this year break the $100 Million+ mark worldwide, The Vow‘, ‘21 Jump Street‘, and ‘Magic Mike‘s leading man has been dubbed “Movie Star of the Year” by the mag, and fans can check out his new Man of the Year photoshoot and interview in the December 2012 issue!

Sending a HUGE CONGRATS to Chan on a truly amazing year!!!
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9 Responses to Channing Tatum Covers GQ Magazine’s Men of the Year 2012 Issue!!!

  1. valentine73 says:

    Congratulation Channing I’ am much happy for you you are wonderful and am happy of to be a your fan .A hug from Italy

  2. Ana Lemus says:

    Vale la pena, es talentoso y guapo. Que mas puede pedir, si lo tiene todo…
    Un beso desde El Salvador

  3. Jazmin says:


  4. Jim Harrison says:

    Only you can play Capt. Kiernan Selkirk in Wallace’s novel Love and Honor. Get to work and keep trailing clouds of glory for all your fans.

  5. jim harrison says:

    Clutz, moi! The Captain’s bname is Kieran. Use your clout to see that Lulu has a part as well as lovely wife Jenna plays Beatrice.

    Best, Jim ;[]

  6. Deana Boyd says:

    I cant wait to get a copy! a fan 4evr. much love and joy to you! Deana-MI

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