Channing Tatum Unwrapped September Tatum Photo a Day Challenge

Today is the official kickoff for our first ever Tatum Photo-A-Day Challenge! Each day on Instagram (or any of the other social media sites), fans can post your favorite photos of Channing Tatum and/or Jenna Dewan-Tatum that match the theme, and make sure you tag your pics with #TatumPhotoADay and the daily theme (#50ShadesofTatum, #PostTheLove, #MagicMoments, etc.).

We’ll pick some of your pics to share with the community. Most importantly, have fun and post your favorite pics of Chan and/or Jenna on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and all your social networks!

Need photos? You can find tons of pics anywhere online and in our gallery!

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23 Responses to Join CTU’s Tatum Photo-A-Day Challenge on Instagram!!

  1. ashley rodriguez says:

    cant wait to start!

  2. eerika says:

    So excited!! So in love with channing tatum!!!!

  3. vanessa says:

    Chan é muito lindo !!!Ator e dançarino maravilhoso !!! adoroooo
    Beijos aqui do brasil

  4. vanessa says:

    Sou muito fã dele ,acompanho todos os teus trabalhos !!!!!! beijos do Brasil

  5. Andrea says:

    Such a great idea, gotta say I’m really into it!

  6. Elleana says:

    I do not get it is it for the days of the week? :/

  7. Reets007 says:

    All my daughter wants 4 her birthday is Channing Tantum. Now what do I do?

  8. jessica says:

    i want him for my birthday too. but that wont ever happen!!!but i can still dream.

  9. i want him for my birthday this coming july 3 :) channing tatum :)

  10. i want him for my birthday this coming july 13 ,:) can i have some fansign Mr.tatum :) ? please ?

  11. kt says:

    obsessed with this man, he is amazing and the most hottest thing on this planet and his mum n dad should be proud!!!!!!!

  12. alma says:

    I agree, anyone can dream, very Hansom man. His wife is lucky.

  13. alma says:

    Luv u Chan!! Ur biggest fan!!

  14. Tysha says:

    Love love love you Chan!!!!!! Everly is beautiful Congrats to u and Jenna<3

  15. Lorrayne Rubia de M.A says:

    sou sua fa nume 1… gostaria de vc falar comigo pelo menos uma vez em minha vida… eu seria total mente grata… adoro vcs dois , forma um lindo casal… bus

  16. Lorrayne Rubia de M.A says:

    me da uma oportunidade de me escrever pra mim… eu não sei nada de ingles kkkkkkkk
    vou fazer aulas de ingles ainda ta. te adoooooooooooooooooro muito. so te peso que uma vez me responda… moro no brasil na cidade de rondonopolis.bjs

  17. Lorrayne Rubia de M.A says:

    tatum sou de mais sua fã … e de sua mulher … o seus filmes ….

  18. Lorrayne Rubia de M.A says:

    o meu desejo é que vc fala comigo na net ao vivo …. faz isso por favor… em minha unica vida.

  19. Tina Hayford says:

    I really enjoy watching ur moviers.u r my man.keep going channing

  20. Tina Hayford says:

    I reall enjoy watching ur movies.u r my man.keep going good

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