Jenna Dewan-Tatum recently sat down with to chat about fall fashion, what makes her feel sexiest, and what it’s like having husband Channing Tatum adored by so many.

So what are some of Jenna’s beauty requirements?

Argan Oil.”, she says, “I don’t go on any travel days without it.” Some of the other items she can’t live without are “an eyelash curler, mascara, and brow pencil” along with the Blackout Eye Mask, which she says she simpy cannot travel without as it helps her survive jet lag. As for what fashion accessory helps her feel the sexiest, Jenna dishes, “Heels. Sky high heels. I mean four inches and more. Helps out us vertically challenged women.”

Want to find what Jenna considers her biggest beauty mistake, and how she feels about having a a hubby the world is in love with? CLICK HERE to read the full interview and checkout her gorgeous new photo shoot!

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  1. Kate Brownell says:

    Argan oil, this is always there in my makeup kit. Wherever i go i take this with me. I also have Vegan cleanser, Vegan Exfoliating scrub, Eye Rescue Cream and other Vegan beauty products. I also use Argan serum for hair. After shampooing and conditioning, I take a very small amount seram on palm and massage into hair.

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