BEST. BIRTHDAY GIFT. EVER! Channing Tatum is currently in New York City filming Steven Soderbergh’s thriller ‘The Bitter Pill’, and to celebrate Chan’s 32nd birthday, Jenna Dewan-Tatum (his wife of almost 3 years) arranged an INCREDIBLE surprise. To kick off the fun night, Jenna tweeted

Some time later, US Weekly reports that the couple arrived at Southern Hospitality in Hell’s Kitchen and here’s how it all went down…

After walking into the back room, 20 dancers and friends launched into a Dirty Dancing-themed flash mob. “Is this really happening?” a stunned Tatum asked. For the final sequence, the Magic Mike actor grabbed Dewan, 31, and hopped on the makeshift dance floor to mimic Patrick Swayze’s infamous dance move, “lifting his petite wife right over his head,” the source says.

“Jenna was planning things for weeks,” a source close to the couple tells Us. “She knows exactly what he likes — he doesn’t want a big blowout party. A casual bar crawl and an all-night dance party with good friends is exactly what he would’ve wanted. She clearly knows him best.”

Check out the incredible video, and I double dare you not to smile from ear to ear…

This is reason #5066 why I absolutely LOVE this couple! Chan clearly had the time of his life on his birthday ;-) and thanks to the hundreds of fans who left him all the sweet messages on our birthday post yesterday!

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21 Responses to Watch Jenna Dewan-Tatum Surprise Channing Tatum with a Happy Birthday Flash Mob

  1. jenn sepillos says:

    omg….you’re such a great couple…so envy…i so love you both, you keep us believing that LOVE exists…

  2. mandypanda says:

    How awesome!!! tho, why didn’t the vid show the end?! they’re such a super cute couple!

  3. Evangeline says:

    Happy Birthday Channing ILY! <3 and Jenna thats is soooooo cute awwwww

  4. CamRox says:

    Chan & Jenna …such a power couple <3 and such a perfect fit! I'm jealous yet inspired… I hope to one day find that special something you found in each other. Many blessings & fortune for you both …beautiful moment capture <3

  5. Juanita says:

    Angelina and Brad don’t hold a candle to this power couple. I think Channing and Jenna are awesome together. Can’t wait til they have a baby, it is bound to be beautiful. Best of wishes to both!!!

  6. valeria says:

    you are beautiful couple! Happy Birthday Channing! from Russia with love!!!!

  7. Karla Duran says:

    This is the most adorable thing every. Happy Birthday Chan! Xoxo both of you.

  8. Nasrine says:

    What can i say, channing and jenna are the most amazing couple out there, use both inspire me in every way, you two are so lucky to have eachother, and i wish you both the very best with your future, and i hope one day you both come to sydney so i could meet you :( thats my dream! Once again happy birthday channing, gooduck with everything for the both of you, you are both beautiful and amazing, love you guys !

  9. Dheya Avilla says:

    Omagaahhh I envy you boootthhh!!! Daymm, Channing I love you! I just wondering, Are you always dancing together all day long, hm? I wish I could be Jenna :( HUFT!

  10. Amy says:

    That is so sweet! You’re an amazing couple. You both are each other’s twin flames. I wish you both the best. I can’t wait for you two to have children. They are going to be gorgeous and lucky to have you both as their parents. You’re such a beautiful couple. You inspired us all to find the kind of love you both found in each other. Thank you for sharing this sweet moment capture with us all. I love you both! =)

  11. char says:

    This was so cute! Happy late birthday now ill have to mark it on my calender for next year! lucky girl to have Channing to your self!!!

  12. Laney says:

    I just want to bang him, power-couple…blah blah blah….let’s all get real, yes they are a lovely, intelligent, talented couple. But, 90% of us just want to bang him, or her.


  13. Tracy says:

    I came across this video last night on you tube after watching step up again. Then I came across this site! You’ll want to watch this over and over to make you smile that true love exists. Some hate on them because they have jealousy. How can you not be obsessed with them? They are role models for love. And damn they can crazy dance. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them in the next ten years. I hope they will make a romantic film together because you know you’ll be there watching!

  14. This was so nice to watch! I’m really rooting for Chan and Jenna, in my opinion the cutest couple right now. They seem perfect for each other. They deserve the best!! This video almost made me cry, so romantic =) <3

  15. Claire Callis says:

    Wow such a cool idea! The best part was obviously when Channing lifted up Jenna!! If only that was me! Love you both! Xoxo

  16. Trisha says:

    Dang Channing…It could of been me and you…LOL

  17. Janet Kostiuk says:

    I would love to see a Dirty Dancing 2 Movie with Channing And Jenna Tatum, I will put a patent on that:) Love you both and Congrats on newest little Tatum member. Can’t wait to see what he or she will look like, You both are Gorgeous<3

  18. Mook waris says:

    cute <3

  19. Lynne says:

    After watching magic mike xxl. I just wonder Jenna. How you live with this gorgeous man every day. I can’t take it just for two hours. He is truly a beautiful man

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