I honestly couldn’t be more proud of Channing Tatum, because he absolutely KILLED IT during his hosting gig at Saturday Night Live last night!

From his hilarious opening monologue to Chan’s SPOT ON impersonation of his ‘Magic Mike‘ co-star Matthew Mcconaughey to my favorite skit where he played Kayden at Rebecca’s Bat Mitzvah, Chan showed the world what many fans already knew…He’s friggin’ hilarious and is definitely going to keep us laughing in ‘21 Jump Street‘ when it hits theaters on March 16th.

You can check out more pics in the CTU Photo Gallery, but here’s a quick photo recap of the entire night…


Without further ado, fans can watch the entire show via Hulu or you can check out some of Chan’s SNL skits below, starting with his opening monologue


Chan on “Getting Freaky with Cee Lo Green” as Matthew McConaughey…


Chan playing “Secret Word” as Astronaut Buster Alright…


Chan in the “Go-Techs Flex” exercise machine infomercial…


Chan party rocking as Kayden at Rebecca’s Bat Mitzfah


Chan at Ruby Tuesday’s as NFL quarterback Tom Brady


Chan performing at the Bongo’s Clown room as Nick Urs Wet


Most importantly, Chan closed out the night just like he closed out his goodbyes at the end of SNL…with his family (Jenna, Jenna’s parent, sister Paige, Mom Kay) and those he loves the most. Big night or not, they are and always will be the most important things in Chan’s life, and ultimately, that’s why I’m such a huge fan of him and Jenna.


And this is too cute for words! If you needed anymore proof that this was truly a family affair, check out Chan and Jenna’s dog Lulu watching him on SNL…



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3 Responses to Saturday Night Live Recap: Watch Channing Tatum’s Hilarious Skits!!!

  1. Nayda says:

    Chan you were AWESOME! loved the sexy suspenders and the bongos! You just keep on rocking!

  2. Pia Flores says:

    Jenna is very blessed to have a husband with the most amazing sense of humor … he doesn’t take himself too seriously and just goes out there aiming to please his fans… I got a good laugh! Cheers!

  3. FYI gurl says:

    thanks for the video links, too bad the bat mitzvah is no longer up… guess cuz it was on youtube and not on NBC’s site. Too bad. Someone should repost. ;)

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