HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Chan’s parents Kay and Glenn…41 beautiful years and counting!!! We love you both so much and wish you an eternity of happiness!!

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  1. Cathy Mohr says:

    Channing, I met your mother here in Slidell, she purchased your baby’s christening gown with me from Mia Sorella here in Slidell, it was a pleasure meeting her. I was in total shock, but thrilled. You should ask her the story of how I met her, I woud like to post on Facebook that I met her and that I sold her your baby’s christening gown, and to to promote business too, lol. it was an exciting moment for myself. I hope you and your wife fell in love with the baby christening gown, it was absolutely beautiful. I would love to send your mother a thank you note, but I didnt get to get her address or phone number, because of the situation we had that evening. I will leave you my phone number and work number if you would please relate this message to her, 985-640-0505 is my cell and Mia Sorella 985-781-3909 my name is Cathy Mohr. Thank you for your time and Best Wishes to you and your wife on your baby. Please consider sending me pics of the baby in christening gown, we’d love to post on Mia Sorella Facebook page if you allo, if not we would understand the privacy. Again Thank You,

    Sincerely, Cathy Mohr

  2. Cathy Mohr says:

    Plaese delete the post that I sent before this one, didnt realize this was public. Thank you

  3. alaca rohrbaugh says:

    I wanna have a one night stand with channing tatum

  4. Shannon Lawson says:

    Happy anniversary!! Beautiful memories I’m sure. You are to be admired and respected. Congratulations!

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