Hey CTU! Here’s another one of our exclusive chances to talk directly with Channing Tatum! Chan will be live and in-person via webcam during and after two screenings of his movie ‘THE EAGLE‘ on Constellation, and you can get your questions answered by him LIVE!

Here’s Chan’s special invite to CTU’ers


To recap, the screenings are going to be held on November 13th and 17th at 8:00 PM EST and seating is limited so CLICK HERE get your ticket TODAY!!!

Use the code Unwrapped when you purchase your ticket in the “Discount Code” field to get $1.00 off the online screenings. Hurry, because the coupon expires SOON!


For those who don’t know, Constellation, an online movie theater that officially launches November 2, 2011, is just like a traditional theater where users purchase tickets to attend scheduled showtimes of films or create their own showtimes.

Unlike other online platforms, watching movies on Constellation is a social experience. Users can invite friends to showtimes they’re attending, and watch together. Many movies are presented by VIP hosts, such as the films’ directors, actors, or other notables, who appear live in the online theater to answer questions from the audience during and after the film. Get the latest scoop on their official Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter!


If you missed Chan and Jenna’s last screening on Constellation, here’s what fan Jennifer Hood had to say about her experience…

“I just wanted to say a quick thanks for having Chan and Jenna host “Jig” on Sunday. The movie was great, and I think the whole concept of an online movie theater is brilliant. The live chat with Chan and Jenna was, BY FAR, one of the coolest things I’ve ever experienced! They did an excellent job of making me feel like we were all just hanging out with them in their living room. Please tell them how much I appreciate them taking the time to connect with their fans, and thank you for making it possible. I’m looking forward to other great experiences like this one!”

After that kind of review, I’m thinking fans don’t want to miss this one! The screening is 100% online, so as long as you have an internet connection and a working computer, you can attend the screening and chat with Chan online.

Oh and did I mention that Chan is going to have a live giveaway during each of the chats? Make sure you use the Unwrapped discount code when you buy your ticket to get automatically entered into our giveaway where fans can win a signed poster and copy of ‘THE EAGLE‘!!!

See you at the movies!!


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  1. This man is unbelievable. He gives back, so much. This is one opportunity that’s beyond belief. He seems shy, but has a warmth that is so endearing. Love ya, guy.

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