Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Top Three Biggest Fans

Thanks again to all of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s BIGGEST fans around the world who took the time to enter the 4th Annual Channing Tatum Unwrapped BIGGEST Fan Contest!!!

After over 20,000 votes in less than 5 days (thanks to everyone who voted!), CTU readers all over the world have chosen your favorite fans from the initial Top Ten, and the lucky Top Three BIGGEST Fans for 2011 (Jennifer Hood, Lena Strausser and Lielani Lopez) have won a photo personally autographed by Chan and Jenna!!! You can read their entries below…

BIGGEST Fan Candidate:

Name: Jennifer

City and State: Pulaski, Tennessee

Country: USA

Age: 32

Social Networking:

Favorite Channing Tatum Photo and Why?: This was a really tough one! I have so many that I love, but the close-up I chose is one of my very favorites. Aside from being incredibly sexy, it shows several of the personality traits that I love about Chan. You can see the slight hint of mischief in the eyes with the I’ve got a secret grin. A girl could get lost in those eyes for quite a while =)

Favorite Channing Tatum Movie and Why?: Either She’s the Man or GI Joe. I have a really hard time deciding between the two. She’s the Man gave Chan a chance to show many different sides to his personality and demonstrate his ability to display a wide range of emotions. He did a great job of showing the butterflies that go with a crush, the anger that accompanies being betrayed by a friend, the determination and passion of a dedicated athlete, the sweet romance that goes with a first love and made me laugh until I cried several times. And, GI Joe, well, it’s Chan in a military uniform in Paris (my favorite city in the world) and what’s NOT to love ;)

Favorite Channing Tatum Scene and Why?: It is not really a scene in one of his movies, but I love the special features of Step Up where Chan and Jenna are watching the dance audition videos. I have also loved every interview I have seen him do some of my favorites were his interviews with Marlan Wayans about GI Joe andVanity Fair at Comic-con. In all of these , his fun, quick-witted, and playful side really comes out. I love how genuine and real he is when he is just being Chan; he truly seems like someone I could have grown up with and/or someone I could hang out and have a drink with as an adult. I grew up near the Alabama/Tennessee state line, and he reminds me SO much of all the guys I was friends with as a teenager!

As far as a movie scene, there are MANY that I love! One of my favorites is the scene in GI Joe where he tells Anna I’m gonna get you out of here. I think every little girl dreams of the hero to rescue her (the knight in shining armor,if you will). The passion and determination to save his girl (despite the risk to his own life and the evil she had done) is enough to make any woman wish to be rescued by someone who loves her as much as Duke loved Anna. And, it certainly wouldn’t hurt if your rescuer was the sexiest man alive! =)

Favorite Upcoming Channing Tatum Movie and Why?: I am really looking forward to The Vow ! (and GI Joe 2) Since I can’t watch the trailer to The Vow without crying, I am sure that I will have to stock up on Kleenex before I go see the movie. This looks like another one of those movies where Chan really shows off his acting skills and makes us experience every possible human emotion. And the hopeless romantic in me always loves a good love story!

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Photo and Why?: I absolutely love this picture of Jenna with the little dog on the streets of Paris. I love the face that she is making and as a fellow dog lover, I often find myself stopping to play with random dogs on the street and talk to them using that same face.

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Movie and Why?: Take the Lead is one of my very favorite movies. Since I am a counselor in a middle school with a very diverse and very poor population, I can relate to the mission of the teacher in so many ways. I see many of my students represented in the different characters in the movie. I LOVE the movies that show the difference that a dedicated educator can make in the life of a child! Jenna was absolutely beautiful in this film, and I am always fascinated when I watch her dance.

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Scene and Why?:The scene in Step-Up, right before the showcase, where she asks Tyler if he remembers the steps. The desperation in her voice when she called his name and the passion in her eyes were so convincing; every girl who has ever been in love can relate! In this scene, Nora took an extreme risk for the sake of love and because she believed in someone else ñ such a beautiful story!

Favorite Upcoming Jenna Dewan-Tatum Movie/Show and Why?: I am looking forward to slightly single in LA because the story sounds very similar to my own attempts at relationships except mine is not located in a place as glamorous as LA =)

Have you ever met Channing and/or Jenna?: Technically no, but I did watch JIG with them online and chatted with them afterwards. That afternoon was one of the absolute most incredible experiences of my life. Chan even said hi to my dog, and both of them talked to me at some point. I was so impressed by their willingness to just hang out with their fans. I am planning to go to New Orleans for my Fall Break, and there are no words to express how insanely happy I would be if I was lucky enough to meet Chan or Jenna while I’m there. I’m excited to just be in the same city where GI Joe 2 is filming!

Why are you a Fabulous Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Fan?: I have NEVER in my life been such a huge fan of anyone! But, there is something about Chan and Jenna as people, not just actors, that makes me really admire them. I love how real and genuine they are and I love the way they love each other, their families, Rwanda (I’ve been planning to adopt from there for years), and dogs (I’m a fellow dog lover!). Everything I see and read about them makes me love them that much more. The GQ article where Chan took the reporter to his uncle’s farm brought back so many great childhood memories of visiting my great grandmother on her farm. His family sounds a lot like my southern family – and I love it! When I got the AMAZING opportunity to hang out with them to watch JIG and chat with them afterwards and I was beaming with excitement for DAYS!! My friends still can’t get me to shut up about it! I have made it a mission to watch everything they are involved in and read everything I can about them. As much as I love them as actors, I admire them as people much more ñ they just seem like good people (to use a southern term) that I would love to hang out with! My coworkers all tease me because there is a GI Joe birthday card in my office and they all know it’s there because it has a fold out poster of Chan as GI Joe. All my friends are really entertained by the ridiculous school-girl grin I get when I see Chan on tv or in pictures. I had never bought a GQ magazine until I saw Chan on the cover and now I own two! I even tried to get my friend to name her son Channing a few years ago ñ her husband wouldn’t go for it =)

BIGGEST Fan Candidate: #7

Name: Lena

City and State: Lake Zurich, Illinois

Country: USA

Age: 35

Social Networking:

Favorite Channing Tatum Photo and Why?: I saw a photo of Channing in a Chicago Cubs jersey at Wrigley field about to throw out the first pitch, and I just fell in love with it. Now granted I am a Sox fan at heart, but to see my fave guy here in my city supporting my sports teams, it just made me smile and always makes me smile when I look at it, corny but true!

Favorite Channing Tatum Movie and Why?: My favorite Channing movie is Stop Loss. I come from a long line of military family and friends, and this is one of the only movies I have ever seen that really showed what our men and woman have gone through. It did so in an honest and very real way that made me proud. I thought that Channing’s portrayal of Steve was dead on and my baby brother who is a Marine also said he was proud of the movie. It’s a classic to me.

Favorite Channing Tatum Scene and Why?: In Stop Loss the scene between Steve (Channing) and Brandon (Ryan Phillippe) after Tommy’s funeral in the cemetery. The fight and then the emotional exchange when both men who have considered the other like a brother finally try to explain why they did what they felt they must. It is such a charged scene; I don’t know how anyone can not be moved when they watch. I have lost so many to the war and to the after effects; I have had friends stop lossed. This does happen; it was the best scene in the movie, one of Channing’s best of his career so far in my opinion.

Favorite Upcoming Channing Tatum Movie and Why?: I can’t wait to see both 21 Jump Street and GI Joe 2! I love Jonah Hill so I know that the teaming of Channing and Jonah will be epic and I loved GI Joe and have always been a fan of the series, and the addition of Bruce Willis and The Rock Dwayne Johnson makes its so much more exciting!! Naturally I am also looking forward to The Vow as it has been on my must see list for over a year now and Ten Year as it’s a new Jenna and Channing movie…did I mention I just have to see everything Tatum related.

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Photo and Why?: I was looking through the achieves on CTU one day and I found the photo to answer this question. I saw a photo from their wedding day, and it was of Jenna dancing with her step dad. I am an admitted daddy girl myself. I lost my daddy 14 years ago. So he won’t be here to dance with me on my wedding day. So this picture of her dancing with her daddy, it made me wanna cry with happiness because it was so sweet. So that’s my favorite.

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Movie and Why?: My favorite Jenna movie is Step Up. It’s my favorite for many reasons. To me it’s not just a movie about awesome dancing, or a story about two people falling in love. To me it’s about chasing your dreams even when it seems no one wants to support you, or tells you you can’t do it. It’s about knowing what you want and going for it no matter what. It’s hard when even your own mother doesn’t tell you that you can be anything you want to be, when life seems to just want to keep you down. Step Up to me is about overcoming anything and making your dreams a reality.

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Scene and Why?:My favorite Jenna scene is one that most may find a little strange. I like scenes I can relate to. So mine is the scene between Nora and her mother at the dinner table. Nora is trying to talk to her mother about her dancing and the showcase and her partner getting hurt and all her mother can do is get on her case about their deal. That if she doesn’t get hired at this showcase she has to go to college. Not once does her mother encourage her or tell her that she believes in her or anything. That’s how it was for me. I sang, not danced, but I had to do it alone. When I became a mom, I promised myself I would encourage my daughter to chase her dreams. So watching this scene, I saw myself in Nora, and it was so real, so it showed what an incredible actress Jenna is, that she brought such depth to the role, made me see myself in it.

Favorite Upcoming Jenna Dewan-Tatum Movie/Show and Why?: My favorite upcoming Jenna show is The Playboy Club!!!! I can’t wait to see it next month on NBC!! Its being shot in my home city, so I am hoping to maybe get to catch a glimpse of her while she is here, my daddy used to go to the real Playboy Club so he always would tell me stories about it when I was little, and so many people I love are in the cast as well. I have seen the trailers and it looks awesome. I can’t wait, finally a weekly dose of Jenna on my TV WHOO HOO!!!!!

Have you ever met Channing and/or Jenna?: No, I have never had the pleasure of meeting either of them yet. I am a cancer patient, so I can’t do any traveling now, though, it is one of my dying wishes to get a chance to meet them and tell them how much they have touched my life. Either way, through CTU I feel like I have gotten to know them more them most celebrities, as they open up themselves much more.

Why are you a Fabulous Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Fan?: I am 35 years old, I am too sick to work, yet I still am at that movie theater with my daughter every time one of their movies opens. I get to my local Wal-Mart when a new DVD comes out on Tuesdays. I follow them on Twitter and I follow Post The Love too. I still remember when I got a Tweet and a RT from Jenna this summer; I was like a giggling school girl all month!! But, I am also respectful. I had heard about where they were gonna be a few times, once when Channing was shooting The Dilemma and then again a few weeks ago when Jenna was shooting Playboy Club and Channing was in town, and I wasn’t about to start invading private time to try and get a photo. I love being a fan, living in the Chicago area I have a better chance to meet celebrities, but I know to be respectful. Channing and Jenna are beautiful and amazing people. The work they do for causes they care about makes me want to give what I can too. I am proud to call myself a fan, at 35 yes. I may not be here to enter this next year, and that’s ok, I just wanted them both to know that they touched me, that they are amazing, that no matter how this contest plays out I am their biggest, loudest, proudest fan, but I won’t invade their space to tell them lol!!! Love you both!!!

BIGGEST Fan Candidate: #8

Name: Lielani

City and State: Bronx, New York

Country: USA

Age: 28

Social Networking:

Favorite Channing Tatum Photo and Why?: *sigh* lol It’s a headshot-esque type photo where he is wearing a black scoop/turtleneck kinda shirt. It’s so REAL. He looks great, very handsome without even trying. It looks so natural(the scars on his face) and just beautifully shot.

Favorite Channing Tatum Movie and Why?: God this is such a toughie!!! However my favorite role of his thus far was as “Antonio” in “A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints”. I feel that’s where he really proved how much true talent he had as an actor and not just the pretty boy from the mountain dew commercial lol. I was truly blown away! It was raw, emotional, and kinda frightening but in a good way to see Channing portray such a troubled character who for the most part wasn’t such a nice guy. It was just WOAH, this boy can act his butt off!!! So it was awesome to see him branch away from the characters I was so used to seeing him as.

Favorite Channing Tatum Scene and Why?: This always comes to mind when I get asked this question. Well there is two– the one in “Stop Loss”, where as “Steve”-he is flipping out and digging up dirt in his yard- SO AMAZING!! Very powerful and just so emotional, such a fantastic job! However my fave fave ever, so simple yet so touching was in “Dear John” where he goes to see his dad in hospital and finds him in the hallway, starts reading the letter he wrote to him, and cries— IT BROKE MY HEART!!! I BALLED HYSTERICALLY WATCHING THAT SCENE LOL. Amazing!!

Favorite Upcoming Channing Tatum Movie and Why?: I cannnnoootttttt wait to see “The Vow” but can’t wait to see “G.I. Joe Retaliation” &
“21 Jump Street”- such a classic show and one of my faves growing up…. any movie he comes out with, I take a day off of work to see it before the evening crowds— no lie lol All my friends and family already know that when a “Channing” movie is coming out, Lielani will be at the theatre, first show, matinee… lol

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Photo and Why?: I love love love love this picture she tweeted of herself on a plane with Channing…. so pretty, great lighting effect, and their true love is seriously shining through… I think I am starting to read too many Nicholas Sparks novels lol

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Movie and Why?: Yes I am gonna sound cliched in saying “Step Up” haha but it was such a great dance romance movie!! First time for me to see Jenna in a starring role and ofcourse her and channing fell in love filming this together, how can I not pick that as my fave???? She’s such a elegant yet funky dancer :)

Favorite Jenna Dewan-Tatum Scene and Why?: I love the dance finale in “Step Up” – that was kick ass awesome!! But I have to mention her dance scene with the two guys in “Take The Lead”— I chronically play the soundtrack to that movie!! lol …. gosh I am cheating on these questions because it is so hard to choose just one! haha

Favorite Upcoming Jenna Dewan-Tatum Movie/Show and Why?: I am sooooo excited to see “The Playboy Club”!!! The cast lineup is so great, and it’ll be nice to see Jenna on a big network shining, and getting her act on!!! Get it girllllllll!!

Have you ever met Channing and/or Jenna?: I have met Channing *sigh* and he was sooooo amazingly sweet, so nice, very polite! Now I work a full time job and I really don’t get to go out into the NYC scene but all my friends/family know that I love Channing, have been a uber fan for years and know to report to me his happenings in NYC (even though I usually already know, haha). I have a friend who is big into the scene and makes sure she meets any celebrity she likes lol. She informed me Channing was doing press at Jimmy Fallon show for “GI JOE: The Rise of the Cobra”. I knew they did stand-by tix so I took off work to try and get in- which unfortunately wasn’t successful :( ….but she informed me of where guest usually enter/exit the building so I took a chance. I stood by the door, big suv pulls up, Channing pops out, I was like O-M-G!! haha and the security guards were trying really hard to push him inside the building but Channing I could tell really made a conscious effort to try and stop to at least give autographs. I knew it was either now or never!! , so I went undetected past the guard in front of Channing, I said “HI” and he laughed, smiled said hello and asked me how I was doing… I asked for picture, he said “of course”…my AWESOME cousin was camera ready, we snapped a pic and I said “thank you so so much” in which he replied “No, thank you so so much” and friendly rubbed my back…. it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE, lol …..hate to sound dramatic but it was!! So refreshing to encounter an actor- even though it was literally two mins, who was- correction IS so gracious, polite, and accommodating to his fans! …. p.s. I was also the only one who got a picture!!!!! ahhhh!! he literally got pushed in by security right after :) It was truly well worth it after years of being a huge fan :)

Why are you a Fabulous Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum Fan?: Anyone who supports Channing/Jenna is FABULOUS. I know true dedicated talent where I see it and it’s so refreshing to see in this industry. You can tell they worked hard to get to where they both are today. Very humble, gracious, and their love is soooooo infectious!! To be honest they are one of very few celebrity couples that you see out there that you can just tell their marriage is from the heart and something so genuine…. it gives me hope for a relationship like that in my life *swoon* lol But I cannot wait to see where both their careers go, it’s very exciting, and I wish them both nothing but the best of success for the future!!! Of course I will be along for the ride— my theatre ticket expenses are gonna hit the roof and my dvd collection is already from wall to wall and can’t wait for more company ;)

The Top Three BIGGEST Fans for 2011 will all receive photos personally autographed by Chan and Jenna. They’re extremely close to their family, and for the fourth year in a row they have graciously volunteered to pick Chenna’s BIGGEST fan from the top 3 finalists!!!

On September 16, 2011, Chan and Jenna’s 2011 BIGGEST fan will be announced here on

In addition to the autographed photo and at least a year’s worth of bragging rights, Chan and Jenna’s 2011 BIGGEST fan will also win the following prizes:

  • Followed by Chan and Jenna on their Official Twitter Profiles
  • $50 Fandango gift card to go see all of Chan and Jenna’s upcoming films when they hit the theaters
  • $50 Amazon gift card to buy Chan and Jenna’s films on DVD

If you didn’t make it into our Top Ten or Top Three this year, don’t worry. We’ll be holding this contest same time next year!


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    Hey Channing and Jenna…y’all are the most attractive couple I have ever seen!
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    Jill — New Orleans, Louisiana

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