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to CTU Fan Club Members and Readers who have AUGUST birthdays!!!

The lucky winner of an autographed photo is CTU Fan Club Member…

from Luzerne, PA

Would you like a chance to win? CLICK HERE to quickly register for the FREE official fan club. Each month, one or more lucky CTU Fan Club Members around the world will win an autographed picture.

Finally, each month Chan will follow the birthday winner and other new fan club members on his official Twitter. The lucky fans this month are Anamika S. from Richmond Hill, Ontario in Canada and Nichole Marie J. from Liverpool in the United Kingdom!

Thanks again to the hundreds of fans who took the time to join the CTU Fan Club!!!

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2 Responses to CTU NEWS: Happy Birthday to CTU Fan Club Members and Readers!!!

  1. Faye Valentine says:

    OH!!! hello guys!!!! i’m fay from the Philippines,, just wanna say!!! you ROCK my WORLD Chan(Who doesn’t!!??)!!!! there i said it!!! who the hell made this blog!!! f _ _ _ _ ng great!!! nice one!!!

  2. Lisa Turner says:

    I would like to say how awesome that was to come thru KY and give that girl a harley.down to earth for real.the coolest thing ever.we will talk bout that the rest of our lives and our kids will talk bout it.

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