If you’ve been reading CTU for a while, then you probably remember how we used to all meet up on this site’s Live Chat Box to connect and get to know CTU readers from all over the world. Those were good times and thanks to Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Constellation.TV, CTU’ers get a chance to take the online chat to the next level!! Here’s how…

This Sunday CTU readers get an EXCLUSIVE chance to live chat with Chan and Jenna, at 4:00PM EST/1:00PM PST! The couple will be presenting the film ‘Jig‘ on Constellation, a brand-new online movie theater that lets you watch movies live with your friends!

Here’s Chan and “Jenna’s” (you’ll understand the quotes after you watch the video) personal invite to CTU readers for Sunday’s screening

Chan and Jenna (her human form) will be chatting and taking questions with the online audience during and after the film — they want your feedback on what you think about Constellation and how they can make it better. Tickets are on sale now, and there’s a very limited amount available, so it’s first-come-first-serve.

When buying your ticket, type in the code CTU and receive a special discounted price! CLICK HERE to get your tickets before they sell out. See you Sunday!

UPDATE : Here’s a cute pic of Chan and Jenna doing the online Q&A with fans…

And here’s some footage a fan posted

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  1. Hi I think channing tatum is so dreamy and I will do anything to meet you.I am your biggest fan and you are soooo dreamyyyyyy I will faint if i met you in person.And I dream of you at night thats the big of a fan I am. So if I ever meet you in person that will be a great opportunity and i luv you!!!!!!!!!!

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