Each week ChanningTatumUnwrapped.com will post one or more of our favorite pictures of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. Today’s Pictures of the Week were taken on or near the sets of Channing Tatum’s upcoming comedy ‘21 Jump Street‘ (which he’s currently filming in New Orleans) and drama ‘The Vow‘ (which he filmed in Toronto and Chicago last year). First up, we have new pics of Chan on the set of ‘21 Jump Street‘…


In addition to Chan, the film also stars Jonah Hill, Ice Cube, DeRay Davis, Brie Larson, and Dave Franco, and it was just announced that ‘The Social Network’s Dakota Johnson (the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith) has been added to the cast.

Johnny Depp recently talked to E! news about his cameo for the film that’s based on a popular 1980′s television show…

“It’s done. I went in and did my bit and worked with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. It was fun.”

I’m constantly adding set photos from Jonah Hill and the cast to the CTU Photo Gallery, and I’ll be visiting the set next month, so check back often to get all of the behind-the-scenes scoop on ‘21 Jump Street‘.

Next up we have an adorable personal pic of Chan’s beautiful wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Chan’s “big baby” Lulu. The Tatum clan is in full force in the Big Easy…Jenna, Lulu, and their other dog Meeka are all in New Orleans right now visiting Chan while he stars in and executive produces ‘21 Jump Street‘ via their production company 33&Out.


21 Jump Street‘ will be filming in New Orleans through the end of June and is scheduled to hit a theater near you March 16, 2012.

Last, but not least, here’s a great behind-the-scenes photo of Chan and co-star Rachel McAdams on the Toronto set of ‘The Vow‘ last fall courtesy of fan site RachelMcAdams.org. The family in the photo are the Carpenters and the film is based on the real-life love story of the Mom and Dad Kim and Krickitt Carpenter


The highly-anticipated romantic drama will hit theaters in February 10, 2012. CLICK HERE to get all of the latest scoop on the movie and CLICK HERE to check out tons of photos from the Toronto and Chicago sets.

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7 Responses to PICTURES OF THE WEEK: Behind-the-Scenes on the Set of ’21 Jump Street’ and ‘The Vow’

  1. Micho Felipe says:

    One thing I admired with Chan is that, despite of his busy and hectic sch ed,he could still manage his time with his love-ones..
    That’s why he’s an amazing sample to all the Hollywood actors out there and even to those actresses probably.. Love u Chan.

  2. Lindsey says:

    Thanks for keeping the best Channing Tatum source online, and thanks for giving us the credit. We over at Rachel McAdams Online look forward to The Vow with Channing & Rachel!

  3. Katya says:

    I dream to see Channing Tatum!
    i dream play in film how Channing Tatum
    And live Los- Angeles !

  4. Nesrine says:

    I love channing! he has inspired me in so many ways, he is amazing! Cant wait till i hopefully meet him and jenna one day, thats my dream.

  5. KayLee Nguyen says:

    Channing Tatum’s smile brighten up my day =)

  6. Maiko Katsuno says:

    I love Channing not just for being a great actor but for all the great efforts toward our plant and to the people!! The Vow comes out in Japan in two days!! Can’t wait! I read the book, weeped like a baby. I know the movie is gonna be amazing!

  7. CRISTY says:

    I just love Channing! No More.. no Less!

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