After debuting on HBO a few weeks ago, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s political documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass‘ is now available on HBOGo through May 31st, and for those who don’t have HBO, the DVD also began shipping out YESTERDAY.

Fans can CLICK HERE to order the ‘Earth Made of Glass‘ DVD for $19.95, and you can also buy a limited edition, autographed version for $50.00 (only 100 are available). Each autographed copy is signed by both Chan and Jenna, who executive produced the film with their producing partner Reid Carolin via their production company 33andOut.

The moving documentary, which is directed by Deborah Scranton, takes an inside look at the repercussions of the 1994 Rwandan genocide from political and personal perspectives. ‘Earth Made of Glass‘ details Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s role in rebuilding the war-torn country into Africa’s biggest success story and the multi-generational story of genocide survivor Jean Pierre Sagahutu, who has been on a 15-year search for clues to his father’s murder. Despite never having met, the stories of a President and an ordinary citizen become inextricably linked; bound by a love of country, an insatiable need for truth, and a hope for peace.

Entertainment Weekly says that…

“‘Earth Made of Glass‘ offers an emotionally engaging, informative view of post-genocide Rwanda that spares you from anything too hard to stomach. The idea of the film is not to replay the horror of the Rwandan genocide, but to find a blueprint for peace and ending cycles of violence in conflict areas.”

Chan and Jenna jumped at the opportunity to produce the film to educate both themselves and their fans on what happened in Rwanda in 1994. Chan told EW

“I knew of the genocide, but I didn’t know anything about it. I just want to help this story get out there. My audience skews younger, and I think kids can really learn from it.”

You can watch the documentary’s official trailer below…

Fans can learn more about the film on the ‘Earth Made of Glass’ official Facebook page and their official site.

Please support Chan and Jenna by watching ‘Earth Made of Glass‘ on HBO and by picking up a copy of the DVD. It’s an incredible documentary!

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  1. Sue Fitzgerald says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you’d do me a favor and let me purchase one of the DVD’s that is autographed by Both of the Channings.?? I can’t sign up for the Hbo SPECIAL, as I rent a room from someone.
    I’m 63, single, and on a medical retirement. So, funds are tight, however, I would be happy to divert my “mad @ me” money to your
    cause. I am a Huge fan of BOTH Tatums’ that started when Channing
    was in step up. They are both at a good place in their careers
    right now. I’d just like a piece of that success.( For me)not for re-sale, if you could put it “To Sue” please, please, Please make
    an “old lady” happy. have a nice day, either way sue(everybody else, don’t laugh at me now)

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