As I mentioned in a previous post, Channing Tatum will be heading to The Big Easy (aka New Orleans, Louisiana) in a few days to prep for his comedy ‘21 Jump Street‘. The movie will begin filming on April 25th, and Chan will both star in and executive produce the film with funny man Jonah Hill (who’s already tweeting from location).

Thanks to Jonah, we also have an insider’s pic of the film’s New Orleans production office with “21 Jump Street” spray painted on the wall. For those who watched the 80′s TV series the film is based on, you’ll notice that the graffiti closely resembles the logo they used back in the day, brick wall and all!

In the casting department, there’s been a ton of news for the film in recent months…

In addition to executive producing, Chan and Jonah will star as undercover cops assigned to work inside schools. reported that Ice Cube was in negotiations to join the Sony Pictures film as their police chief and that Brie Larson was added to the cast in the lead female role of Molly (possibly Jonah’s love interest in the film).


A few days ago, Variety reported that Daily Show funny man Rob Riggle was in talks to join the comedy as the main villain, and yesterday, reported that Dave Franco (James Franco‘s brother) has been set to play a villain in ‘21 Jump Street‘.

Deadline says that Franco will play Eric, the most popular kid in school, who also happens to be a huge drug dealer. Jonah Hill’s character will supposedly befriend him to infiltrate the “cool kid crowd”.

The article also mentions that rumors are swirling about a potential Johnny Depp cameo where the gracious actor will pay homage to the TV series that launched his career.

The film will be directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from a screenplay by Michael Bacall and is based on a treatment from Hill and Bacall. Neal H. Moritz will produce the film with Stephen J. Cannell, who will receive posthumous credit.

And don’t forget…Coulon Casting is currently seeking extras (police officer types and high school students) for ‘21 Jump Street‘. CLICK HERE to get more info on how to register.

Thanks to Jonah for the exclusive photos! The production will be filming through the end of June, so I can imagine there’s more pics to come, and if reports are correct, ‘21 Jump Street‘ will hit a theater near you March 16, 2012.

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