Today is Channing Tatum’s 31st birthday, and once again, you all did a great job of submitting pics and birthday messages to Chan!!! Everyone can check out 100 messages from fan club members all around the world in the new slideshow below…

I will also add all of the birthday cards you guys created for Chan to the CTU Photo Gallery later this week, and the lucky winner of the 2011 Birthday Contest is fan club member Jenn S. from Toronto, Ontario in Canada!!! She will receive a signed pic from Chan.

HUGE thanks to all of the fans who submitted photos for Chan’s birthday this year!!!! Birthday projects are one of my favorite things we do here on CTU. I love the love you guys send from around the world to both Chan and Jenna. We all truly appreciate each and everyone of you for it!!!

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12 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHAN!!!

  1. Cecilia Colangelo says:

    Dear Chan, I wish you happiness, you have a great birthday with lots of health, peace, love and respect for others, it remains that person lit, making good movies, bringing fun. A kiss on your heart with all my affection.
    Cecilia Colangelo – Brazil

  2. Boryana Borislavova says:

    Happy Birthday, Chan! I wish you with all of my heart every happiness, health, love and future success to you and your loving family! Be surrounded with love and wish you stay the great person you are!
    I recently fell in love with you and your acting, and I’m so happy that I found such role model like you!

    Have an amazing day, like I’m sure you will!

    Boryana Borislavova – Bulgaria

  3. Mareike says:

    Hey Chan
    Happy Birthday , I wish you all the best on your special day
    I hope to go that all your wishes for the future of performance are
    You are a really great actor,and I love your movies
    many lovely greetings from Germany
    keep it up and enjoy your day
    love you

  4. Alycia Herth says:

    Happy birthday Chan!! Let this day be special you truly deserve it!! God granted you with success and a special talent.I never get tired of hearing your laugh! Your the best hope to see alot more of you! Xoxo

  5. Rona says:

    Dear Channing

    Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a good day..
    Your so lovely to watch on screen!!
    Hope to you meet you day :)
    Good luck with all your future projects and Jenna is one lucky lady to have you.. God Bless you both!!
    Besos Channing
    Rona xoxox :)

  6. jennifer joanne says:

    Dear : Channing
    Today is your B’day
    Happy B’day
    Wish u nothing but all the best
    in your life ….
    Good health, long life and
    happiness in life and
    Success as well in
    your career n fam with your lovely Jenna.
    May God Bless U Abundantly :D

  7. Rona says:

    my last message I made a mistake..
    ” Hope to meet you one day Channing” :)

  8. Rishabhi says:

    hey….wish u a gr8..b’day…channing…..i m really lookin forward to watch more more of ur movies….n its amazing to see ur personal pixs with ur pet lulu….really cute….good luck n ve a gr8 day……. Rishabhi:)

  9. janis junius says:

    dear chan,

    happy belated birthday!

    your b-day is my wedding anniversary!
    i don´t forgot about you!

    i wish you with all of my heart happiness,peace,love and health.
    Good luck with all your future projects!

    i hope to meet you one day!

    many lovely greetings from germany


  10. Cady says:

    Dear Channing,
    I don’t know how long I’ve been your fan, but I really am! I love your movies and I’m very jealous of Jenna! But she’s lucky to have you(:

    Happy Very Late Birthday! Love from Walla Walla!

  11. sami says:

    hope you be ok in your whole life and i really love to c u one day

  12. sami says:

    you make me crazy
    the way u talk
    love to c u
    love to c u
    love to c u
    love to c u
    i’m sure i will c u one day

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