In the photos on today’s post we have new pics of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum making their way through the Los Angeles airport yesterday. They were heading to New York to attend the HBO premiere screening for their political documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass‘.

Chan, Jenna, and their producing partner Reid Carolin executive produced the film via their production company 33&Out. They originally debuted ‘Earth‘ last April at standing-room-only premiere at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival that included the President of Rwanda, who’s featured in the documentary which chronicles the Rwandan genocide.

The film will be released on DVD soon (I’ll have more details in a future post) and premieres exclusively on HBO2 TOMORROW, April 6th at 8:00-9:30 p.m. ET/PT and replays April 27th at 2:30p.m. ET/PT!!

Chan and Jenna have been extremely busy…In addition to getting a new LA production office ready for business, Chan just wrapped up a US and UK press tour for his Roman-era drama ‘The Eagle‘. He’s also has been prepping for his next film, ‘21 Jump Street‘, with cast table reads and firearms training. He’ll start filming the comedy later this month in New Orleans with Jonah Hill.

Jenna “had a blast” filming her NBC pilot “The Playboy Club” in Chicago, but recently tweeted

“Missing my hubby and my babies today. The furry babies.”

…before filming wrapped on April 2nd. It’s safe to assume that she was happy to be back home with her family, and here she is spending some quality time with her and Chan’s “lil monsters” Meeka and Lulu at a local LA dog park this week

In case you missed their latest post on their site Post the Love, here’s a quick message Chan and Jenna left fans last night…

Channing-tatum-jenna-dewan-tatum-ptl-04-05-2011 “Hi Post the Love family, we are sending our love!!!! Thanks for keeping it going for us, it means so much :)) We are on our way to NYC to attend the Premiere of ‘Earth Made of Glass’. It will be on HBO2 Wednesday April 6. Hope everyone tunes in. It is such a beautiful and powerful film.” – Chan and Jenna

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3 Responses to Chan and Jenna Heading to New York and Posting the Love…

  1. Nayda says:

    Hi Chan & Jenna,
    I will be watching your HBO special tonight.
    You both seem to be working really hard.
    Don’t forget to have some fun.We fans want
    longevity! please don’t burn out!
    Love Yea,

  2. [...] comes a year after the couple first showed off the documentary, and you can check it out when it premieres on HBO2 tonight. Channing and Jenna made the trip to NYC on Monday, and they shared a sweet picture with their fans [...]

  3. Nayda says:

    Hi Chan & Jenna,
    What a beautiful job on the HBO documentary! Thank you!
    Although ,it was really sad.Even sadder to think that humanity
    has not changed very much!
    Bless you both,

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