There’s tons of rumors floating around about Channing Tatum’s projects…Is Chan’s ‘Step Up 2: The Streetsdirector Jon Chu going to direct the next installment of ‘G.I. Joe’? Is Ice Cube going to join Chan and Jonah Hill in the comedy ‘21 Jump Street‘?

These questions I can’t answer…yet, but I CAN confirm that Chan’s wife, actress and producer Jenna Dewan-Tatum, has officially joined NBC’s new pilot “Playboy”!

Deadline Hollywood is exclusively reporting that Jenna will play an iconic bunny in the show, which is the first pilot ordered into development this season by NBC.

It’s an hour-long drama set during the political and moral upheaval of the 1960s and is centered around the voluptuous ladies of the original Chicago Playboy Club.

Jenna (who I can exclusively report will play Janie) couldn’t be more excited about her new role and just tweeted

“Hey guys! I will be in the upcoming Playboy club pilot for NBC and I’m so excited! Love the script, love the role! Aaaand the director of one of my favorite shows Madmen is directing..I feel very blessed.” describes Jenna’s character in “Playboy” as the “life of the party, naughty, carefree, but that hint of a Southern accent suggests she’s running away from something”.

In addition to a run down of the pilot script, also reports that Alan Taylor, who directed the first episode for AMC’s award-winning drama “Mad Men”, “is shooting the NBC pilot and likely to bring some of the same classy swagger to the new series”.

A show of this caliber is such an amazing opportunity, and I couldn’t be more happy for Jenna!!! HUGE CONGRATS!!!

One last note…

Just in case you guys missed my posts on Facebook and Twitter, Jenna’s upcoming romantic comedy ‘Slightly Single in L.A.‘ just added new production stills to their official Facebook page.

Fans can click on the image below to check out the new stills and can find previously released photos from the film in the CTU Photo Gallery

Jenna plays Hallie in the movie and here’s what Slightly Single in L.A. is all about…

Dale Squire is a hip, quirky, independent single gal living in the glossy city of Los Angeles. She makes ends meet by working in the obscure world of reality television, while pursuing her passion as a photographer. After several failed attempts in quasi-relationships, Dale concludes that finding a meaningful relationship in L.A. is impossible. After all, a girl can only take so many toe-sucking fashion photographers and star-seeking personal trainers. And in Los Angeles, there are many of these men. But being anti-social is tough for any young girl in Hollywood, and with Dale’s entourage – Jill: a high maintenance ex-soap star obsessed with her own wedding, Becca: an honest C-list actress waiting for her big break in Hollywood, Seven: Dale’s flamboyant house mate, and Hallie: a super sexy, laid back jewelry designer – she is lucky to have such a reliable group of friends in a city where it’s easy to get lost. With Jill’s frantic wedding right around the corner, Dale finds herself reflecting on the significance of marriage, and the mutual respect needed for a successful relationship. When Zach, a successful heartthrob actor and old friend of Dale’s, finds his way back into her life, Dale slowly starts to think that maybe finding love in L.A. is possible – the only problem is that her realization might have come too late, leaving Dale in a silent love triangle, with no way out.

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  1. Ebele Enwerekowe says:

    I have a strange obsession with stories about the Playboy franchise, I’m really glad Jenna is going to a part of that story! Good luck with the pilot. I’m sure it’ll be fantastic…! :D!

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