Channing Tatum (@channingtatum) and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum (@jennaldewan) are once again participating in TwitChange and their latest charity auction just kicked off TODAY. For those who don’t know, TwitChange is a global celebrity auction where Twitter users can bid to get followed, retweeted, and/or mentioned by their favorite celebrity on Twitter.

100% of the donations generated by the auctions will go to provide emergency aid and support to soldiers and their families through the charity Operation Once in a Lifetime. Their mission is to make the dreams of U.S. Soldiers and their families come true by providing free financial and morale support to U.S Service members, their families and veterans regardless of rank, deployment, physical condition or branch or service.

There’s a ton more auctions for Chan and Jenna’s fans this time, because they are both listed four times in four separate auctions each. Fans all around the world can bid on their eight auctions that include a tweet, a follow, a retweet, and a mega package that includes all three (a tweet, follow, and retweet) AND a signed photo from Chan or Jenna. I will also feature all of the auction winners here on CTU in a special charity Fab Fan Spotlight.

Chan and Jenna’s TwitChange auction pages will be available on Ebay through February 5, 2011, and fans can click on the images below to bid on Chan and Jenna’s auctions on Ebay

Operation Once in a Lifetime was created by a soldier to help other soldiers; a soldier knows what a soldier needs and a soldier knows what a soldier does not need. A soldier does not need to worry about providing beds for their kids, worrying if their electricity will still be on when he goes home or if their house will be foreclosed on when serving his/her country.

A soldier needs a program that will provide free financial assistance regardless of their rank, race, religion, orientation, branch of service, physical condition or deployment status. A soldier needs a program that can help make a life altering contribution when they are in their greatest need; Operation Once in a Lifetime is that program. CLICK HERE to learn more about the amazing organization.

It’s a great cause, and you get a cool perk in return. More importantly, your winning bid will make a HUGE difference in a deserving soldier’s life. I hope you head on over to Ebay and start bidding!

P.S. If you don’t win Chan and Jenna’s TwitChange auctions, please consider making a direct donation to Operation Once in a Lifetime, because that’s really what all of this is about anyway. Thanks! :-D

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  1. Ebele Enwerekowe says:

    I’m not following Chan/Jenna on Twitter quite yet, I’m afraid, but good luck with the auction! :D

  2. Why are you so hot.? I love everything about you….your movies, your voice, looks, your acting skills……….

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