In today’s fan encounter, we have a first-hand account of last week’s premiere for Chan’s movie ‘The Dilemma‘ from blogger and fan Seraphina

CHICAGO: Thursday, January 6th 2011- Only 6 days into the new year and already an opportunity for adventure presents itself in the form of a ritzy Hollywood socialite gathering. Downtown, the red carpet is being rolled out to welcome the stars of ‘The Dilemma’ on the night of the film’s world premiere. Clad in jeans, armed with Channing Tatum magazines and open to just about anything, we brave the blistering cold Chicago winds and head down to the AMC River East to catch a glimpse of the event as it unfolds…

Channing Tatum was the last to come out. The moment he and his wife Jenna Dewan made their entrance the crowd erupted into chaos. Before coming down to us, he took his time signing autographs and taking pics with fans. As he made his way closer, someone asked his wife for an autograph as well. She signed, but the moment she did more requests for autographs from her were shouted. At this moment, she politely refused, pointed to Channing (who at this point was rushing and trying to reach as many people as possible) and stated, “It’s all about him tonight.”

As Channing was signing autographs, there was a slight moment of panic. “This pen is dying” is stated, mid-autograph. When no one responded he repeated, “This pen is dying!” with a tad more urgency. Then, like a heroic knight who unshealths their sword in the face of a furious fire breathing demon at the most tense point of a Medieval film, I ripped the cap from my Sharpie and thrust it at him with an urgent cry of “HERE!” His eyes lit up as he grasped the Sharpie and continued out with the task which lay before him. Before he got closer to us, he kept signing as he said, ‘I’m really sorry I have to go now guys…” He was slowly tearing himself away from the crowd and onto the carpet, and he was only inches away from signing for us.

Somewhere around this time the photo above was taking by a member of the press. I took the pleasure of circling Melissa and I so you could get a clear look of our expressions of yearning and desperation. He came closer to us and the minute his marker (well, my marker actually) touched the cover, my heart stopped beating completely. He began signing, but the marker was drying out. He said, “Ahh its dying.” but continued to try to sign. (My autograph is almost completely faded but it is the most gorgeous phantom signature I have ever come across in my life. He then moved over to Melissa’s magazine, signed hers, capped the marker and laid it back on her magazine and in one swift movement was on the carpet, workin’ it. Skills, Channing’s got it.

And that was how Melissa died.
Just kidding, but I seriously thought she was going to faint. She was in a complete state of shock and excitement, which was amazing to see. Its always unbelievable to watch someones dreams come true. We waited around a few more minutes and watched all the stars work the carpet…

Big thanks to Seraphina for sharing the story, video, and photos! If you want to see more pics and video from the premiere, you can CLICK HERE to read her entire article.

Fans and critics alike are loving Chan’s performance in the film. Here’s what The Examiner had to say…

“Although the surprise star of the film is Channing Tatum. The Step Up, GI Joe, Dear John actor takes a wide turn and great departure from his normal roles. The cheating lover, druggie, yet sensitive man is probably the funniest character in the film. His fight scene with Vaughn and his appearance at the intervention are the best scenes in the film…Tatum steals the movie.”

The Dilemma‘ hits US theaters TODAY and will be in UK theaters NEXT WEEKEND!

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  1. Luana Chandler (Maw-Maw) says:

    We miss you, Chan. When are you coming to Florida? The whole family clan is following your career. You are terrific in the Dilemma. Christin’s Maw-Maw

  2. Ebele Enwerekowe says:

    “…phantom signature…” (chuckle)! Ahhh, who am I kidding?! I’d have behaved the same way! :D

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