First of all, BIG thanks to my friends over at Focus Features for the EXCLUSIVE photo above (Photo Credit: Keith Bernstein). It’ the first of two never-before-seen movie stills featuring Channing Tatum in his upcoming drama ‘The Eagle‘, which hits theaters on February 11th.

The film is a 2011 adaptation of Rosemary Sutcliff’s historical novel “The Eagle of the Ninth” and is about a Roman soldier (played by Chan) in 140 A.D. investigating the disappearance of his father’s legion in ancient Britain. The movie also stars Jamie Bell and Donald Sutherland, and is directed by Kevin Macdonald.

I’ll post the second photo the studio sent me next week, but you can check out a few more movies stills of Chan that were just released…

For those who have been following Chan’s twitter, you know that he kicked off the domestic press tour for ‘The Eagle‘ by visiting radio stations, fans, and press in Boston today. You can check out photos, video and audio from his interview with Jam’N 98.5′s reporter Pebbles below…

Here’s Pebbles inaugural interview (part 1 and part 2) for her new segment “In The Studio” with Chan…

Don’t have time to watch the video? You can read the transcript of the interview below…

Pebbles: Do you want to take on different roles, something different every time?

Channing Tatum: : Yes, you want to change it up so its not monotonous. I did drama, love story, and this is a period piece. It had to do with the directors I want to work with as well.

Pebbles: Are there any roles you regret taking?

Channing Tatum: No, nothing I really regret; some hard roles though.

Pebbles: How did you prepare for the role?

Channing Tatum: : I always rid horses and and did martial arts my whole life. Oddly enough I did not have to go on a diet and that was the best thing I ever heard. The director, Kevin didn’t want me to look like I just left the gym, so I show up and he looks at me and says "a little tighter" and I was like, "but you said" and he just says "tighter"

Pebbles: So this is the movie you where you burned your manhood?

Channing Tatum: : Yes. We were filming for three days in the river, beautiful but cruel, hypothermic. If you’re in it for five minutes of more you will get hypothermia. We had people pouring warm water down our wet suits to keep us warm and it was the last shot of the day and I met one of the guys half way up the hill, but he hadn’t gone all the way down to the river to dilute the boiling hot water and poured it down my wet suit. You have two male nurses standing over you and your manhood is not doing well. I truly cannot explain how bad it was. A funny thing though, there was a marine in the background and he said the song playing at the time wasn’t appropriate so he turned it down. Can you guess what song was playing?

Pebbles: Usher "Burn?"

Channing Tatum: : Haha no, "My Sex Is On Fire" [Kings of Leon]

Pebbles: Did you find that your dance background helped for this movie?

Channing Tatum: : Yeah, we kept joking we were gonna turn it into a musical. Choreography you need to learn the spacing and how to move with someone because it can really be dangerous; take one wrong step and you fall into a 6 foot deep hole, if someone is swinging and ax, it may be fake but still gonna hurt when it hits you.

Pebbles: How did you propose to your wife?

Channing Tatum: We went to Hawaii. I had friend fly out and find a waterfall because the first trip to Hawaii with her we tried to find a waterfall but couldn’t find one. The cab driver took us for a ride to try and find it but we don’t think it really existed, so I had my friend check it out to find one and had my sister and friend hide in the bushes and film it.

Pebbles: How did you know she was the one?

Channing Tatum: She made me wanna grow and be better; laugher. We were living together for 4 years and you get to know someone. She’s the messy one. You gotta know everything you can about the person.

Pebbles: Since both of you are actors, does it make the relationship easier or harder?

Channing Tatum: It makes it harder because you both have to go off and do films in different places. I think we understand it more though, if you have to go make out with all these charismatic actress and she didn’t get that, it would be really turbulent.

Pebbles: Question from Dianna- Who is your big influence?

Channing Tatum: My sister. Growing up she was a surrogate mom. When I got in trouble , after dealing with the parents, she would be the one to come through and help me handle the situation so I could get out of things.

Pebbles: Question from Gabriella- What is the craziest thing you have ever done for a girl? What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Channing Tatum: I surprised Jenna with the first trip to Hawaii. I said we were going to dinner and we went to the airport.

Pebbles: Now what about the craziest thing a fan has ever done? Anyone pop out of a closet of your hotel room?

Channing Tatum: Haha no. I guess when someone comes up in the airport and just hands you their phone. So you are like "Hi?" and the person on the other end is like " No way". One time I was at McDonald’s and the girl behind the counter said I looked like Channing Tatum and I told her I was. She wouldn’t give me my food because she didn’t believe me, so I was like ok I’m not, can you give me my food?

You can also listen to the audio from Chan’s on radio interview at 94.5 this morning…

Chan will be making stops in a few more cities around the country to promote the film before he heads back to Los Angeles to attend a press junket. I too will be attending the junket later this week and the current plan is that I will get one of the coveted one on one interview slots, which will give me an opportunity to ask YOUR questions.

If you would like to submit a question for CTU’s one on one with Chan, please email your question to [email protected] with your name, city, country, and your fan club username. If you’re not a member of the fan club, you can CLICK HERE to join for FREE!

Warner Bros. also contacted me today to let me know that Chan will have his second appearance on Ellen this Friday, February 4th. Check your local listings or visit for time and channel. If you missed his last appearance, you can CLICK HERE to check out his hilarious and memorable interview!

Finally, to learn more about Chan’s movie ‘The Eagle‘, fans can tune in to HBO for an inside look at the film when “First Look: The Eagle” premieres this week. CLICK HERE to see the schedule and find out when it will play in your area.

To keep up with the press tour, make sure you stay tuned to CTU and check out the CTU Photo Gallery daily.

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