Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber beautiful Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Although Mr. and Mrs. Tatum were miles apart working (Chan was busy getting interviewed in LA for ‘The Eagle‘ press junket and Jenna’s filming her action movie ‘Setup‘ in Michigan), I get to bring them together in today’s post of exclusive, behind-the-scenes personal pics.

First up we have Chan taking a picture of his sister Paige as she takes a picture of him relaxing before he starts his interviews for a UK press junket for ‘The Eagle‘ in LA on December 13th…

Next up we have an extremely cold Jenna tweeting from Grand Rapids where the production for ‘Setup‘ has been bearing the cold to shoot scenes by the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, on Monroe Avenue, on Elmwood Street, and at Rumors Night Club on South Division Avenue. MLive.com reports the action movie, which also stars Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe, and Randy Couture, will film on Coit Street and around the Woodlawn Cemetery on Kalamazoo later this week, before they wrap filming this weekend. Jenna tweets

“Yes I know I have thin LA blood but, -5 degrees on set right now? Really Michigan? Reeeeally??”

…and says “Helloooooooooo from set“…

Then, Jenna tweeted out this photo while she was “doing a scene with @50cent….who is awesome. And sweet. And talented“…

To change it up a bit, Jenna also tweeted a somewhat intimidating pic of Chan’s rescue dog Lulu, whose giving the Huffington Post’s cutest pets EVER a run for their money. In addition to being a sweety, the adorable ears and beautiful blue eyes give Ms. Lulu a definite leg up in this contest…

Last, but not least, we have pictorial evidence of the number one reason why Jenna says she’ll never pull any pranks on Chan (aka “The Prank Master”), because “payback is too serious”. She tweeted out a hilarious pic of Chan’s surprise birthday gift to her earlier this month. Hands down, it’s my favorite of the bunch…

Thanks to Chan, Paige and Jenna for the awesome pics! Fans can also find the personal pics above and more in the CTU Photo Gallery.

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7 Responses to PERSONAL PICS OF THE WEEK: Exclusive Photos from Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum

  1. Ebele Enwerekowe says:

    Love the picture of Chan taking a picture…Sweet! :D

  2. Yury says:

    His so handsome she so lucky :)

  3. Babs says:

    What a nice couple, I wish them all the very best..

  4. tracy says:

    I love his prank gift to Jenna… How funny and what a great way to put a smile on a girls face for her birthday…. A guy can have looks..but personality can really make him or break him…. They both seemed very blessed to have eachother…and yes I say it overland over…absolutely LOVE that Channing’s sisters name is Paige…. Weird but as my friends and I watched Magic Mike… I commented on the behavior of the sister in the movie…and how much she reminded me of how my. Daughter will be towards her little brother when they grow up… I googled to see if Channing had a sister…
    What a surprise to find out her name was Paige (my daughters name is Paige also… ).. To cute

  5. stelica says:

    hi y am from roumain y love yours movie whyte down and g. jor rise of cobra y are great actor and wery god man. y dont speak wery got . and y are one couple spectacular faimos and nice

  6. Sveta says:

    Channing, i love you :***

  7. mylifeirene says:

    hi chan i like how you dance hope you can visit philippines

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