Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum are taking a quick break from producing and filming ‘Ten Year‘, their first movie together since ‘Step Up‘, to spend time with their family for the holidays. Above are a few new pics of the couple getting in some last minute gift shopping in Los Angeles on December 23rd.

Before Jenna began filming ‘Ten Year‘ with Chan in New Mexico a week ago, she braved the very chilly temperatures of Grand Rapids, Michigan while filming her drama ‘Setup‘ with 50 Cent, Ryan Phillippe, and Bruce Willis earlier this month. recently interviewed Mike Gunther, the director of the movie (which is also produced by 50 Cent and Randall Emmett), and we get to learn a little more about the “diamond heist gone wrong” film where the professional dancer, actress, and producer added stunt woman to her growing resume.

Gunther tells

There’s three young men that grow up together on the wrong side of the tracks and basically they’re into petty crime and one has this religious background. He was being raised to be an altar boy and he broke away from that. The two other boys he runs around with… They’re just kids being kids and they decide to pull off a bigger heist than what they’re accustomed to. [Let’s just say… things don’t go exactly as planned.]…It’s a really gritty, kinda of a guys-guys kind of movie. You know, guys being guys and having to deal with what’s right and wrong? I know what right and wrong is, but I’m still going to get what’s mine – you know, kinda thing? I think that’s really more the dilemma.

Bruce Willis reportedly plays a mob boss in ‘Setup‘ and although they filmed in Grand Rapids, the movie is actually set in Detroit. The director adds…

I just wanted to do something that was just more on this level like a Boondock Saints or a Reservoir Dogs – that kind of a feel…[One of the characters starts] disrupting… things that are owned by this mob guy. So the mob then picks him up and says “Hey.”…So it detours you a little bit.

I would say it’s an art action movie. It’s a drama that has action, but it’s not… An action movie to me is if you go see “The Bourne Supremacy” or James Bond movies – that is an action movie. This is more of an art action movie. There’s action – you know, people getting shot – but there’s no fireballs and I’m not pipe ramping cars off of buildings and stuff like that. It’s all driven by the story.

Everyone on the show has done their own stunts. Ryan Phillippe has done his own stunts, Jenna Dewan. We have not had… every piece of footage you see that Ryan does is him. Every piece of footage you see that 50 Cent has done is him. I think that’s part of why they signed up for the project too, because they feel safe maybe because that’s the world I come from, but they’ve always wanted to be.

Setup‘, which also reportedly stars Randy Couture, Omar J. Dorsey, Jordan Trovillion and Richard Goteri, is based on a script Gunther co-wrote with Mike Behrman. The film is part of a new $200 million, 10-picture investment deal for Cheetah Vision, is rumored to be budgeted at roughly $20 million, and will be released in theaters sometime in 2011.

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  1. amanda russell says:

    jenna dewan is sooooo lucky to have his sexiness all the time.

  2. Ebele Enwerekowe says:

    Yowzah! That chic is such a hottie! Big budget, big movie (I hope). Love the cast & the plot. Can’t wait to see it…!

  3. leila says:

    ilove channing tatum so much iwasnt knowing that his married but if is happy am happy 4 him bset wishes

    with love

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