Just to catch any new CTU readers up…Since January, Channing Tatum has successfully released his romantic drama ‘Dear John‘, wrapped on four new films (Steven Soderbergh’s action-revenge spy thriller ‘Knockout‘, Dito Montiel’s crime thriller ‘Son of No One‘, Vince Vaughn’s comedy ‘The Dilemma‘ and ‘The Vow‘ with Rachel McAdams), shot the film shorts ‘Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeenth Date‘ and ‘Ten Year‘ and reshoots for Kevin MacDonald’s Roman drama ‘The Eagle‘, executive produced and premiered the political documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass‘ at the Tribeca Film Festival, signed on to the inspirational detox drama ‘What’s Left of Us‘, the next ‘Avatar’ (aka ‘Ion‘), and the crime drama ‘The Contortionists Handbook‘, and is producing the high school reunion film ‘Ten Year‘ with wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

I can now confirm that the hardworking actor and budding producer has added yet another role to his continually growing list of projects

Earlier this week NY Mag’s The Vulture reported that Randall Wallace, the writer-director of Disney’s ‘Secretariat‘, is currently at the American Film Market to find potential financiers for an indie drama about Russian czarina Catherine the Great called ‘Love and Honor’. Wallace’s screenplay is based on his 2005 work of historical fiction with the same name.

Chan will play a Virginia cavalryman named Kieran Selkirk dispatched by Benjamin Franklin to Russia to pose as a British mercenary two years before America’s Declaration of Independence.

I hear that Catherine the Great’s roll “will be played by a beautiful, very strong and confident young woman with some certain-to-be SULTRY scenes” and according to The Vulture

Tatum offers his services as a swordsman to Catherine, who’s busily fighting against the Cossacks, though his real intention is to win her affections and convince her not to send the 20,000 Russian soldiers Britain has requested to suppress the (ahem!) coming American insurrection.

Here’s the synopsis for “Love and Honor: A Novel” via Amazon

Virginia cavalryman Kieran Selkirk is summoned to a clandestine meeting in the winter of 1774. There he finds none other than Benjamin Franklin, who reveals the brilliant soldier’s assignment: He is to travel to Russia disguised as a British mercenary and convince Catherine the Great not to join the British in their war with America. It is not a quest for the weak of heart, for to succeed, Selkirk must survive savage terrain, starving wolves, secret assassins, marauding Cossacks, a court of seductive young women, and even a dramatic romantic face-off with the legendary Tsarina herself.

A little birdy told me that the book is phenomenal, so it’s now been added to my Kindle wish list. The inside scoop (which is what I know you’re all here for) is that the book was presented to Chan several years ago, and he’s been in love with it ever since! I’m also told that Chan’s love of the movie ‘Brave Heart‘ (also written by Randall) didn’t hurt either.

According to the Vulture, an offer has already been extended to Anne Hathaway to play the part of Beatrice, an attendant to a princess in Catherine’s court and Chan’s character’s love interest in the film.

The entire Tatum crew is extremely hopeful and excited about this project coming back into play, so let’s all keep our fingers crossed! And as always…CONGRATS to Chan on the new role!!!

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  1. Ebele Enwerekowe says:

    I’ve always loved “period-pieces” (I thought “Braveheart” was da bomb, too!:D), so throw in a little “Chan” into the mix & I have a a “must-see” movie lined up without it even being fully cast! Congratulations to Chan for landing such a strong character role. This has all the makings of a “classic” so I hope he’ll do us proud! I’m excited to see him diversifying his acting repertoire, too…does that mean we see him tackling a British accent?! Sweet! :D

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