I had an amazing time at Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin last weekend where I was given the opportunity to speak to my fellow bloggers about CTU and all of the incredible experiences I’ve had here over the past 3 years.

This site has been an absolute dream-come-true for me, so it was an honor to be able to pay-it-forward by sharing some of the many valuable life lessons I’ve learned by creating CTU…writing from the heart, mommy (aka Kay Tatum) knows best, dream BIG or go home. Most importantly, I wanted to share the biggest lesson I’ve learned here, which is…that ANYTHING is truly possible.

In addition to having my first official interview about the site with an Austin news outlet, the conference also featured my story on their website. If you ever wondered how or why I started CTU, you can check out my story in a snippet from the “Finding Your Bloggy Bliss: An Inspirational Story from Austin” article below…

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

This is the opening quote you’ll find on Nirvana Mamma’s About Me page, a blog written by my good friend, Erin. On her site, Erin focuses on the concept of finding and following your bloggy bliss.

I love the idea of following your bliss in blogland and believe that each of us defines this concept a bit differently. Bliss could be achieved by finding your writing niche, your community/tribe, or maybe even by discovering your inspiration to blog.

For LaQuishe Wright, a speaker at today’s Bloggy Boot Camp in Austin, Texas, the editor behind Channing Tatum Unwrapped, and the owner of Wright Consulting, her journey towards finding bliss begun several years ago.

After working in Information Technology for four years, LaQuishe started her own web design and internet marketing firm. Two years later, in 2006, her then 10 month old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Needless to say, it was a very difficult time, as LaQuishe threw herself into taking care of her baby full-time, while also balancing her business, husband, and oldest son. After months of putting everyone’s needs before her own, she left the house for the first time, alone, to watch the dance movie ‘Step Up’.

It was then that LaQuishe fell in love.
And not only with the lead actor, Channing Tatum, but also with his wife, Jenna Dewan.

At the beginning of 2007, LaQuishe decided she needed a hobby to stay sane, so she started Channing Tatum Unwrapped as a creative outlet. As a more mature (aka older) fan, she wanted to create a professional fan site that took a deeper stance than simply “OMG, he’s/she’s so hot!” Using her SEO and pay-per-click skills, LaQuishe’s new blog had over 30,000 visitors in the first month, and she felt like she had found a home.

From that point, things kept moving. Eight months later, Channing Tatum’s mom emailed to thank her for the site and to say that his family read it every day to keep up with his career. And very soon after, Channing contacted her personally to ask if the site could be his official fan site.

“Believe it or not, I’ve been trying to send you a video for a while now, but something is wrong with my email. Plus, I could not be more computer challenged. I’m still gonna keep trying though. So, I’m sending this note and crappy picture from my phone. I don’t get on the computer that much. But my mom is on everyday and says she likes all the sites, but Unwrapped is her favorite. I want to see if you want be my official site? Since you have stuff that I don’t even have, and stuff I don’t even remember doing! So anyways, if you don’t believe this is me, just email back and I’ll send you another crappy photo from my phone. Haha.” – Yours, Chan

As they say…the rest is history…

HUGE thanks to News 8 Austin for interviewing me and to Francesca and Tiffany for the wonderful Bloggy Boot Camp where I learned a ton from the other speakers, was able to speak to an incredible group of women, and was given the gorgeous pink cowboy hat you see below!!

I also have to thank my earth-bound angels (aka Chan, Jenna, and their families). Without you guys I wouldn’t have a story to tell. As always, much love and hugs to you all!!!

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5 Responses to CTU IN THE NEWS: How Channing Tatum Unwrapped Became What It Is Today…

  1. Honey says:

    Dear La Quishe,

    Amazing story about the background of this website.
    You’re doing a fantastic job!

    H. Sentosa

  2. Mitch says:

    Chan always is so well dressed, recently he had a very cool coat and scarf, hat combo on. Very classy, if I may ask where did Chan get that shearling looking tan jacket and striped scarf? Pic of him with a fan when he was looking for the trailers

  3. Jana says:

    Congratulations LaQuishe! What an incredible story. You are doing an amazing job with this site. Keep up the good work..
    I am a huge fan of Channing and Jenna and I am so happy for them and I wish them much success in professional and personal lives. Thanks again

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