It’s been three years since I received a very special message from Channing Tatum asking me if CTU could be his official site. Three years, three premieres, two press junkets, two set visits, a Teen Choice Award nomination, an Italian Vogue photo credit, a President, millions of page views, and a lot of hard work later, this site is still standing, stronger than ever, and makes me feel like I’m officially one of the luckiest people in the world on a daily basis.

I like anniversaries, because they allow you to take a look back and see where you were versus where you are now. What I’ve figured out is that I have this ongoing love affair with CTU, and there’s no place I’d rather be than here. I truly appreciate every bit of the magic it brings into my life, and I look forward to being a part of this site, Post the Love, and anything else that comes my way for many years to come.

Strip away all of the celebrity from Chan and Jenna and you’ll find two of the most genuine, hardworking, and loving people you’ve ever known. In addition to opening their life to me and my family, they changed my perspective on the world and allowed me to see first hand that anything truly is possible. For that and for allowing me to do what I love, I will forever be a grateful friend and their BIGGEST fan.

Thank you to Chan, Jenna, and their families for everything they’ve done to help this site flourish and thank you to each and every one of you for supporting CTU and for joining me on this amazing journey. Sending a very grateful HUGS to you all!!!

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  1. Melissa Dilan says:

    I think it’s incredibly amazing how this website has grown! I am so glad and proud that Chan decided to pick you, he has shown to be always so friendly and caring for the people that love him, including, his family, Jenna, and all of us (his loyal fans). Being a Chan fan for years, I could have never thought I could get this close to a great star. He has proved to the world that his connection to his fans is a tremendous priority in his life. Congrats CTU and I’m looking forward to keep in touch with you all for a long time to come !

  2. Isabella says:

    This is great! I’m so glad that this website has grown and is so big! I am (and A LOT of other ppl) so thankful that this site was made and that we can send fanletters, ask for signed photos.., This is a DREAM to Chan&Jenna fans!

  3. Thanks so much, Melissa and Isabella!!!

    - Q

  4. afsana says:

    hey congratz
    happy 3rd ANNIVERSARY TO CTU
    chan&jenna i have 1 thing 2 ask
    alwayz share joy & happiness that may come
    in the many years 2 come
    love u guyz bare

  5. Peter Roelofs says:


    Happy Anniversary!! I recently found this website, and was instantly amazed!! So happy to find a place where I can find so much stuff about Chan and Jenna.
    Had no idea you were running this site for 3 years already, but I am glad you are!!

    I just love Channing and his movies, and I love what kind of nice couple he is with lovely Jenna. I just love the fact that he is so much more than just a moviestar. This site let’s us know and see he is really a nice and good person and even let’s us fans be close to him and interact. Really cool!!

    So, ones again, CONGRATULATIONS, and keep up the good work, for at least another 3 years!! This site is always in my browsing-flow, and I just LOVE it!!

    Love and greetz,


  6. Sharon says:


    Thank you for your time, hard work and dedication to this site. We appreciate all you do to keep everyone updated on Chan & Jenna. It is great to be a fan of such a great actor who doesn’t keep himself closed off from the world. Chan seems like such a down-to-earth guy and seems to care about his fans following him.
    Thanks again for all you do and keep up the great work!!

  7. coco' marioni says:

    ¡felicitaciones a este completísimo sitio ,que casi todos los días me trae noticias de mi actor,hombre y joven inquieto chann, a quien aprendí a admirar y conocer gracias a alegra el día encontrarme con imágenes ,noticias y vídeos de EL ,a quien no pierdo la esperanza de conocer,aunque vivo tan,tan lejos de su mundo,casi como en otra galaxia ….ja ja ja , un beso enorme a ustedes ,y otro a MI QUERIDO CHANN..

  8. Melissa Dilan says:

    Coco Marioni, no estamos tan lejos de Channing Tatum :), el internet es un gran enlace que nos une a todos nosotros, y es un placer que Chan y Jenna hacen buen uso de este, pues todos los dias se acercan a nosotros mas sus fans de el mundo entero :)!!! Que bueno encontrar a un hispano parlante aqui que aprecia el talento verdadero!!! Yo he sido su fanatica de hace mucho tiempo, y tambien tengo la esperanza de conocerlo y a su esposa algun dia. Cuidate!!! :)

  9. coco' marioni says:

    ¡gracias Dilan! un abrazo para ti.coco’

  10. natalia sidrim says:

    hi, i’m from brazil and i want say CONGRATULATIONS for you. you are so talented. both of you. i love your movies. i hope see more and more. kisses…

  11. Larissa says:

    Olá pessoal! Estou tão feliz que te encontrado uma proximidade maior com Chan através do site. Infelizmente Channing ainda não é tão conhecido aqui no Brasil, mas tive a sorte de conhecer seu talento e apreciar todos os seus trabalhos.
    Em seus filmes, eu vejo a dedicação e o talento.
    Adoro seus filmes!

  12. Larissa says:

    Hello everybody! I’m so glad I found a greater closeness with Chan through the site. Unfortunately Channing is still not as well known here in Brazil, but was lucky to know her talent and appreciate all your work.
    In his films, I see the dedication and talent.
    I love your movies!
    Kiss …

  13. nicoleta-germany says:

    This site is just great. thank you for it!
    Love you Chan and Jenna, you´re the best.

    Nicoleta, Germany

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