I have to admit. It didn’t take very long. Channing Tatum just arrived in Toronto a few days ago to start working on pre-production for his romantic drama ‘The Vow,’ and we already have our first fan encounter. Here’s what fan @MrWillW had to say about running into Chan on the streets of Toronto…

Temperatures sure have been dipping in Toronto of late, but things just suddenly got a little lot hotter. Alabama-born Channing Tatum arrived in Toronto last night to prepare for his role in Michael Sucsy’s next film The Vow, in which he stars alongside Canada’s sweetheart Rachel McAdams…Tatum was all smiles, coming over to say “hi” and pose for a few photos, before heading off to a work-related meeting. He was engaged in a conversation on his Bluetooth Headpiece, but had the courtesy of ending the conversation before coming over, telling his friend that he’d catch up later. He even asked a small group of fans to make sure their photos turned out before heading off. Aww.

You guys can check out a few more new pics that @MrWillW took of Chan during two different encounters below…

@MrWillW, who also happens to be a local entertainment reporter, says that ‘The Vow‘ is scheduled to film in and around Toronto until October 22, 2010, so I hope this is the first of many fan-friendly encounters I get to share with you guys!

Big thanks to @MrWillW for sending me the photos and info! If you happen to run into Chan or Jenna, send your photos and fan encounter stories to [email protected]. I will post them on the blog to share with envious fans all around the globe! ;-)

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4 Responses to FAN ENCOUNTER: Channing Tatum Hanging with Fans in Toronto

  1. Hanna Bach says:

    Channing Tatum is gonna be here until October 22nd ?!
    And the Producer for “The Vow”
    I must meet him! I want to let him know that I’m the 11 year old who wrote the letter !

  2. Maggie says:

    Come to Chicago!!!

  3. samantha says:

    love how most movies are being filmed in toronto . living in toronto has its perks of celebrities being here always but i hate the wheather most times. im gunna go find him.

  4. Melinda Elizabeth says:

    WOW !!! you seem to be such a sweetheart to your fans. I hope to get to meet you and Jenna someday. An awesome actor, husband, father, and beautiful inside and out. You are amazing. Please don’t ever change. God Bless you, Jenna, and your beautiful baby.

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