At France’s Cannes Film Festival a couple of weeks ago, London-based Berkeley Square Films announced that Channing Tatum will star in Richie Farrell’s inspirational detox drama ‘What’s Left of Us‘, a hard-hitting chronicle of seven excruciating days in detox for a heroin addict.

Farrell, a former addict who directed the HBO documentary ‘High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell,’ will adapt his own gritty novel “What’s Left of Us“, which is based on his true story.

The author, who fought his way back from a deep drug addiction to land on both bookstore shelves and the silver screen, was recently interviewed by the The Cabinet Press and shared how the film came to fruition and why he feels Chan is perfect for the role.

Farrell tells The Cabinet Press that Chan was looking for a dark role, and after reading the book and meeting with the author to discuss ideas in New York City (where he was filming the crime thriller ‘Son of No One‘), they decided to make the movie.

Not surprisingly, Chan’s dark turn in the 2006 independent film ‘A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints‘ helped convince Farrell that the actor is much more than just another pretty face

“Chan is a brilliant businessman and a sincere, wonderful, young actor. In fact, actors who acquire A-List status in today’s Hollywood are brilliant…Channing Tatum’s characters to date have been roles where, “He’s the hunky, kind of dumb guy, and all the girls love him. He’s got the dimples and the smiles and the eyes, and he’s really good looking.” But Channing Tatum is much larger than those roles. And by taking on the role of Richie Farrell in “What’s Left of Us,” Channing is going to prove to the world that he’s not only good looking, but he’ll probably become one of the best actors of this generation.”

The author also adds…

“After meeting with him, it was like we’re brothers…I’ll let him explain it, but he’s got his own story that’s similar. He feels connected to the story…I think he can do it; I’m convinced he can do it.”

The movie is being made independently on a $7 million budget, and Farrell is hoping that filming will begin in March in Lowell, Massachusetts. Farrell is also excited about not working with a studio, because he feels it gives the production “freedom…We can make another ‘Requiem for a Dream’ if we want.”

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