It’s been almost a WHOLE week since the last new movie announcement for Channing Tatum, so we were LONG overdue. OK, I kid, I kid!!!

But what isn’t a joke is that THR’s Heat Vision Blog is reporting that Chan has been attached to yet another film, his second in less than week and his fourth in the past 3 months.

Four months ago,’Dear John‘ (which has made well over $100 million worldwide) was the first film to beat ‘Avatar‘ at the box office and now THR is reporting that Chan is attached to a new film that is being touted as Twentieth Century Fox’s next ‘Avatar‘. The new romantic, sci-fi film is called ‘Ion’ and here’s what they have to say about it…

“You can thank “Avatar” for Hollywood’s resurgent interest in sci-fi. Right now Fox, though its label Fox 2000, is getting ready to bet on sci-fi again and is the lead contender to pick up an original spec script by Will Dunn titled “Ion,” which is generating interest from several studios. Channing Tatum is attached to star in what is labeled a sci-fi romantic epic, with Ridley and Tony Scott attached to produce. The plot revolves around a man who travels to different Earths and dimensions in order to find his reincarnated lover. Execs are using the magic word — “Avatar” — to describe the scope and otherworldly elements of the script. “Ion” actually made the rounds last year but didn’t take. In the post-”Avatar” Hollywood, however, the script is generating renewed interest. It attracted the interest of the Scott brothers, who helped develop the script further, which then brought in Tatum, who could be one of Hollywood’s next leading men. The whole package raised the mercury even higher.”

What THR didn’t mention (and I can exclusively share with CTU Readers) is that Chan is not only attached to star in ‘Ion’, but he and his production partner Reid Carolin (‘Stop-Loss‘, ‘Earth Made of Glass‘) are also producing the film through their 33andOut shingle, which is a HUGE accomplishment for them. As you can imagine, Chan is really excited about this project, although its going to be a while before it really gets started.

Deadline Hollywood had this to add…

“The spec in play is Ion, a Will Dunn scifi script that has Channing Tatum attached, with Scott Free producing. Fox 2000 (Scott Free’s home studio) has made an offer, but other studios are circling…It would be the first sale for Dunn, a British scribe, who has spent the past half year honing the material with input from Scott Free and Tatum.”

I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record as I extol Chan’s amazingly hot career, but honestly, talented people who work hard and stay grateful and humble deserve this kind of success. I’m so glad to see it happening for Chan so quickly. CONGRATS to CHAN, REID, and 33andOUT!!!

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2 Responses to NEWS FLASH | Channing Tatum to Produce and Star in ‘Ion’ — Fox’s next ‘Avatar’?

  1. MOhammed says:

    Wow this is amazing news! I always wanted to watch more and more of Channing!! and Iam so happy that iam gonna get to!!

    I cant agree more!! People like Channing deserve success!!

  2. Jirleymar says:

    SO excited! He needs to start winning some awards because he is an amazing actor! (outside of his humble/amazing personality)
    Good luck to Channing! :)

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