One of my favorite Channing Tatum films is his hilarious 2006 hit ‘She’s the Man’. Because I’m such a fan of that movie, I’ve repeatedly told everybody and his mama (literally) that I would LOVE to see him in another comedy. Chan has told me that comedy makes him a little nervous and that he’s way more comfortable in the dramatic arena…but I still held out hope.

When I recently visited Chan on the set of his crime thriller ‘Son of No One‘ (which also stars Al Pacino, Ray Liotta, and Katie Holmes), I learned about his next film role. When I found out it was going to be a comedy, I realized I’d finally broken him down! ;-)

Chan’s role in the Ron Howard directed comedy ‘Cheaters’ was officially announced today, so we can finally give you guys some scoop on the new movie! MTV News recently interviewed Chan on the New York City set of ‘Son of No One‘, and he shares a few details about his upcoming star-studded film…

“I’m going to shoot a Ron Howard comedy. Ron Howard, Vince Vaughn producing. I just came on kind of late so I don’t exactly even know the whole cast. I’m just excited. I haven’t done comedy really. I did it really young in ‘She’s the Man,’ but I wasn’t really doing the comedy. Amanda Bynes was doing the heavy lifting on that. And I’m hoping Vince Vaughn does the heavy lifting on this one. I’m honored to get to work with the guy. Most of my scenes are with Vince. I don’t know if I want to [say anything else]. I might want it to be a surprise. [My character is] definitely going to be crazy, that’s for sure.”

You can hear it all strait from Chan in the new MTV interview below…

In addition of the comedic powerhouse that is Vince Vaughn, the impressive cast for the Ron Howard comedy, ‘Cheaters’ aka ‘Your Cheating Heart’, also includes Kevin James, Winona Ryder, Jennifer Connelly and Queen Latifah and was written by Allan Loeb (‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’).

The movie is based on an idea by film and television uber producer Brian Grazer and centers on a man (Vaughn) who finds out his best friend’s wife (Ryder) is cheating on him (James), only to struggle with what to do with the knowledge. The Hollywood Reporter says Chan will play Ryder’s tattooed and pierced lover.

From what I know about the role, Chan is going to need to be in tip-top shape for one very “revealing” scene with Vince Vaughn that I’m sure will be the talk of the town. Paging trainer Will Harris

‘Cheaters’ is produced by Vaughn and Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment, will film in Chicago from May 25, 2010 and through Aug. 6, 2010 (Chan starts filming in June), and already has a January 14, 2011 release date from Universal.

I’m sure you’re wondering…Did my persistent begging push Chan to finally conquer his fear and do another comedy? OK maybe not, BUT I like to believe I might have at least planted the seed.

The bottom line is that I don’t think Chan realizes how naturally funny he is. If you’ve ever heard him tell one of his stories (my favorite so far is this HI-larious one about Chan and Jenna’s failed attempt at buying a dog in the wrong part of town), then you know what I’m talking about. I truly can not wait to see him flex his comedic chops in this new film!

HUGE CONGRATS to CHAN for landing this awesome new role!!!

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