Last Saturday Jared over at had an exclusive interview with Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Fans get to learn a little more about all of her current and upcoming projects (‘Earth Made of Glass‘, Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” video, ‘Balls to the Wall‘, PETA campaign) and get some inside scoop on the beautiful starlet who single-handedly stole Channing Tatum’s heart, pretty much, the second he laid eyes on her on the set of ‘Step Up’.

In addition to the two gorgeous pics (taken by Chan) that Jared included in his article, I also threw in a few personal pics that Jenna took with her fav iPhone app (Hipstamatic) and recently shared with her fans on Twitter. ENJOY!!!…

Over the weekend, actress/dancer/producer Jenna Dewan sat down with for an exclusive interview. Ch-ch-check it out!!!

JJ: How was your time in New York?

JD: I love visiting New York! It was a whirlwind of a trip – we had [my husband Channing Tatum]’s birthday and the Earth Made of Glass premiere. Now I’m back in L.A. and back to work on the movie [Balls to the Wall] I’m doing.

JJ: Congrats on being Christina Aguilera’s bound-at-the-wrists S&M slave in her new “Not Myself Tonight” video. Everyone gets to see your booty!

JD: (laughs) IIIIIIIII know. I got the call one day from a publicist saying “Christina Aguilera would like you to do a cameo in her video, would you be interested?” and I was, like, of course! I’ve been a fan of hers forever and I love the single but they wouldn’t tell me anything until the day before!

JJ: You didn’t know any of your choreography until the day before?

JD: No – I knew nothing! All I knew was they wanted an actress – someone who was sort of well-known and she wanted somebody to do this fun cameo with her! I actually thought it was dancing. I didn’t know until the day before that I was having a scandalous moment with her! When they told me, I just thought it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience – go for it!

JJ: Have you heard any of the comparisons to Lady Gaga and Madonna?

JD: Yes, yes, yes – I’ve heard nothing but that! You know, my thought on it is I think she looks beautiful. I think the video’s really sexy and fun and it’s meant to get people talking. And I think everyone draws comparisons from artists but she’s definitely her own, unique artist. She’s been around for over ten years and I really like it. I’m proud of that video.

JJ: Do you have a favorite Christina era or album?

JD: I used to dance with her – I only did a couple shows with her, right before Stripped and the Dirrty video – around that time. I’m a fan of what she did with Back to Basics, that whole album and her look in that. Those were my favorites. Very retro – very her. She’s the tiniest person I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve never met anyone in my life littler than she is. She’s got this tiny little hourglass figure and that worked for that retro look!

JJ: You were also in town to premiere your new film Earth Made of Glass?

JD: Yes. I love the film – it’s so inspirational. One of our best friends produced it and we knew when he was making it and he went over to Africa and was there for a while doing the film. After it was made, he showed it to us and we loved it so much that he asked if we would want to come on as executive producers and get it out there, get it to festivals, get people talking about it and make it a little bit more well known out there. It really is one of the special documentaries that really can change your life. I was crying the second I saw it. It’s always been my dream – I love acting and I love dancing and performing, but I’ve always had a real dream of being a humanitarian and big wishes in that world, so this was kind of like a first step in that direction. We’re going to try to screen it for inner-city kids out in L.A. We did it in New York when we were there and we’re going to do it out here. It was really fun as my first producing job!

JJ: Could you explain the title?

JD: It’s a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson that says “Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass.” It’s basically saying you do one thing and it affects everybody – and truth always prevails, even if it stays hidden for ten years or longer, the truth always does prevail and come out. The story is about Rwanda and genocide and France’s involvement and how it was hidden for so long and people are starting to talk about how they were involved and sort of exacerbated the genocide.

JJ: Is there another documentary or cause you’d want to be involved in?

JD: I would love to. The PETA campaign that I have coming out is about exotic animals and the different horrible tragedies and horrible things they do to these animals. I saw these videos… I had the idea of trying to do a documentary on that and bringing it to HBO or Animal Planet or Discovery Channel. Nobody that I know – I didn’t! I was wearing python shoes and snake bags and I had no idea that there was such a horrible thing that was happening to these animals. I wanted to do that – I’ve also talked about doing a documentary – my mom just adopted a dog. I wanted to thank a handful of Twitters that I can Twitter about dogs that need to be adopted and I’ve found homes for about four or five now. My mom adopted one from Ohio from an Amish puppy mill. So something that’s extremely well known in Ohio, where it’s happening, the police force and everyone turns a blind eye to it and the dogs are horribly, horribly abused. So that’s my other thing – I’ve had a couple meetings about how I can maybe go there with cameras and do some undercover stuff and try to uncover that for the world. It’s so rampant – there are so many over there. Producing definitely has got my wheels going.

JJ: Did you already shoot the campaign? Are you naked in it?

JD: I’m naked but it has a twist. It’s definitely shocking and sexy, but it is different and I think it’s the first of this particular campaign for them and they’re very, very excited and they put a ton of time, effort and money into it. It looks amazing – I’m so excited. In June!!

JJ: I have random questions now. What’s your ancestry?

JD: I’m Lebanese, German, English and Polish.

JJ: Do you speak any of those languages?

JD: I don’t speak any languages – I took five years of Spanish and I can’t even say a sentence! I wish. That’s one thing I’m going to do with my kids – I don’t care if they want to or not – they’re going to learn another language!

JJ: Have you seen any musicals lately?

JD: No, I wanted to go see Hair but we didn’t have any time in New York. I love musicals! The last one I saw was Jersey Boys, and I know I’m really late on that one – my mom and I actually went to go see that and we had tears in our eyes, we liked it so much. I was dancing on my feet. It’s one of the best out there.

JJ: What do you consider your big break?

JD: Step Up. I had what I consider many big breaks – dancing with Janet when I was 19 – that was a dream of mine. I learned all of her dances in my living room at 15! So to dance with her, that was my first huge break to me. But in the acting world, Step Up really…one, I met my husband, and two, people still, to this day, no matter what else I do, come up to me and say “I used to love you in Step Up!” and it helped get my name out there, definitely.

JJ: July marks your first wedding anniversary. How will you celebrate?

JD: I don’t know what we’re going to do! We’ll definitely do something fun. I made it on 7/11 so nobody can forget! (laughs) I don’t know what we’re going to do! We’ll do some fun trip, I’m sure.

JJ: Do you still feel like you’re in the honeymoon phase? How do you keep the romance alive?

JD: Yeah, I feel like we definitely are – I think we’ve been in the honeymoon phase since the day we met. We’ve always been very happy and in love and I think as with all actors, the lifestyle we lead and live keeps things really exciting. A lot of people look at it like, “oh gosh, you’re away from each other” but we make sure we see each other and it does – we’re constantly someone different and playing some different character and it makes things really fun and exciting. I love this life.

JJ: I like the every two weeks rule because most people do once-a-week type of dates but obviously you’re traveling and doing a lot more, so…

JD: Yeah, and then we get three months together with nothing! You have to love this lifestyle and be able to work in it, I think. If you’re not, if it doesn’t fit your personality, it can make things hard. But we just make it work!

JJ: What’s currently playing on your iPod?

JD: Rihanna and her new album – I can’t stop playing it! I’m really liking Joanna Newsom right now – she’s dating Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live! Her music is amazing. And Esthero – her music blows my mind, it’s so amazing. Love her. She’s actually a friend of mine. Look her up and then you have to tell me if you like it ’cause her music is that good! I love anything you can dance to – I’m really loving Matt Colton’s album…

JJ: What are you doing this weekend?

JD: My mom just came in town! I picked her up – she’s here for a couple days – it’s her birthday so we are relaxing by the pool having a glass of wine!

JJ: That’s what weekends are for – to kick back!

JD: Yeah, exactly!

JJ: Thank you so much for talking to me…

JD: Thank you so much for everything! I love your site. I knew the second I met you, I was, like, I love him! I will always support him!

JJ: Thanks, have a great weekend! Tell your mom happy birthday and thank Channing for the photos he took of you (pictured here). They look great!

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