As ‘Dear John‘ took over the #1 spot in the UK box office (clashing with ‘Titans’ and taming a ‘Dragon’), Channing Tatum continued to film his crime thriller ‘Son of No One‘ in New York City and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum filmed her romantic comedy ‘Balls to the Wall‘ in Los Angeles.

Fans can check out the latest pics of the bi-coastal sweethearts on today’s post in the CTU photo gallery.

We have Chan walking around the Soho district of NYC in his ever-popular Vibram Five Fingers and visiting a photo gallery on April 19th and Jenna showing off her gorgeous gams in LA on April 17th and on the set of her new movie this week.

We also have a couple of exclusive personal pics (aka Glamour Shots) that Jenna just tweeted to fans today. Just in case there was ever any doubt, the pics make it really clear that the Texas beauty got hit by the pretty stick at a VERY early age.

What’s next for the couple? On 4Music Saturday, May 1st at 10:00am , UK fans get to check out Jenna’s moves in her cameo in Christina Aguilera’s new music video for the single “Not Myself Tonight”, and all of Jenna’s fans get to see almost ALL of the starlet in her upcoming Peta campaign at the end of this month or in early May!

Although their film projects are sadly keeping them apart right now, fans will get to see both Chan and Jenna together again very soon. They will attend the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of their latest joint project, the documentary ‘Earth Made of Glass’, on Chan’s birthday next Monday.

The film (which they’re executive producing through their production company 33 & Out) is getting rave reviews and has been chosen as a top movie to watch by both New York Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter.

It’s also been announced that President Paul Kagame of Rwanda will attend the world premiere of ‘Earth Made of Glass’ at the Tribeca Film Festival and will conduct a Q+A after the film!

Fans can CLICK HERE to get your tickets for the April 26th premiere before they sell out. Hope to see you there!!

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4 Responses to UNWRAPPED PHOTOS | Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum…From LA to NYC

  1. yesenia says:

    wow just seen dear john made me cry. this movie ment alot to me cause it really touched base for my current situation my significant other has been in jail for about a year and his name just so happens to be john :( i know your thinking great a guy in jail but we make mistakes hope he learns from his…
    anyway great film i enjoyed it very much
    thank you channing your the bestest -yesenia

  2. ciara astrid says:

    i love channing tatum.. he’s the man!!

  3. Alexey says:

    Чаннинг, у меня к тебе вопрос!. Как тебе удалось снять столь трогательный фильм “Дорогой Джон”?. Мне очень понравилось этот фильм. Фильм для меня очень тяжелый в плане вашей роли!. Некоторые части кадры фильма “Дорогой Джон” совпадает с твоей биографией. Я не знаю почему вы это сделали?. Объясни мне пожалуйста!. Алексей. Russia. e-mail: s[email protected]

  4. Nina says:

    OMG my brother had a sercurity job on a film set this wk 5/7/10 and Mr. Sexy channing Tatum is in the movie i beg my brother for me 2 meet him OMG OMG i met him he is soo sweet and charming and talented cause i got 2 see him on a scene…im very thankful 2 have met him..xoxoxo to Mr comes out next year called Son of no one..amazing

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