If you know Channing Tatum for any time at all, then you know that family, friends, and fans are extremely important to him.

So when Channing revealed to CTU years ago that mom Kay was helping him with his fan mail, it didn’t surprise to me one bit. Who better to take care of your fans than the person that’s taken such amazing care of you your entire life?

As you may imagine, Chan gets a ton of fan mail every week, and it’s momma Kay who sorts through letters from all over the world, organizes everything, and spends her precious few moments with her son to make sure that fan autograph requests are filled and shipped back out to destinations far and wide.

Case in point, she just sent me a ton of autographed posters and autographed magazines that Chan signed for all of you. Join the FREE official fan club and stay tuned for future contests here on CTU.

In a recent OK magazine interview from last month’s ‘Dear John‘ UK press tour, Chan talked about his mom and revealed some of the *ahem* interesting fan mail he’s gotten from some dedicated fans…

“I do get quite a bit of fan mail and most of it is just nice normal stuff. But I have had underwear sent to me and one pair had my face on, which was rather weird. My mom sorts through some of it for me and it’s the best job for a mom to do – they love it!”

Although Chan writes short notes and personally signs all of the autograph requests from fans, you won’t really catch him hand writing ‘Dear John‘-style letters like his alter-ego John Tyree. Chan tells OK magazine

“In the film they wouldn’t let me use my own handwriting for the letters as it looks like a three year old has written or a chicken! I spell everything wrong so writing letters is not my strong point.”

So when you’re trying to figure out what fan mail to send Chan, just remember that momma Kay is probably going to see it first. Maybe you can send her a little thank you note, and if you must send underwear, just make sure it’s respectable. Just sayin’.

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6 Responses to IN THE PRESS: Channing Tatum Reveals Fan Mail Secrets to OK Magazine

  1. Annelise Rank says:

    Hey Channing!
    i loved Dear John SOOO much! i cried so much too! haha well i love you in Step up 1 & 2 they’re so good and your so hot! you and your wife are so cuuute together!
    Thanks for actually writing back to fans (: its cool&cute to think about, that you have the time to care about the people who care about you :)
    THANK YOU MRS TATUM! (: your such a wonderful mom to do this for you talented and cuute son of your :)
    tell Channing i say hey and i love him so mcuH!
    -Annelise (;

  2. Jirleymar Morgan says:

    It was def. beyond amazing to meet Channing! He is such a great, down to earth, hot man!! I wish Jenna would have been there too though! Luv to u all!

  3. Zoe Austin says:

    i <3 uu!!!!

  4. Sara says:

    That is so sweet and adorable that Channning’s mom helps out with that. I’ve never sent him a letter but I know he appreciates all of us fans:) Loved “Dear John” both the book and the movie. I heard “Step Up 3D is coming soon (I think). Does anyone know if he or Jenna will make a cameo since he did in the second one?

  5. valentina says:

    U have to come to BRASIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we love u !

  6. lemonypop says:

    hey my name is …. i love your movie 22 jump st.

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