As I previously posted, Channing Tatum decided to flex his comedic chops in the next installment of one of’s most popular collaborations, ‘Morgan M. Morganson’s Date with Destiny‘. was started by Chan’s longtime friend Joseph Gordon-Levitt and is a place where artists and filmmakers can post their work and then collaborate with a community of users who can contribute to the work by adding their own tweaks.

The new, unfinished film short is called ‘Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo‘ and is a sequel to ‘Morgan M. Morganson’s Date with Destiny‘. It was written by Metaphorest, and stars Chan, Lexy Hulme (aka Lula) and Joe as Lionel, Destiny, and Morgan.

Now that they’ve finished shooting the “white walls” version of the video, the community will collaborate to create the remaining special effects (e.g. art work, visuals, animation, music, etc.) for the film.

Without further ado, the “white walls” version of ‘Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo‘…

Although Chan has said he’s more comfortable in dramatic roles, I would love to see him in more comedy in the future. Until then, stay tuned to CTU and I’ll post future incarnations of ‘Morgan & Destiny’s Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo‘ when they’re released!

On a related note…Chan has been posting some more of his own work on over the past few days. Check out an original writing, an oration of Metaphorest’s “Mister White Rabbit”, and (my favorite) a song he re-mixed when he couldn’t sleep a few nights ago. Who knew he could sing too! Make sure you check it all out!

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