Channing Tatum’s version of Nicholas Sparks’ Dear John recently hit the No. 1 spot on the USA TODAY best selling books list. With hopes that the film will mimic that level of success, Chan and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum kicked off the ‘Dear John‘ Press Tour by attending a premiere at the Fort Bragg military base this past Saturday.

From there, the tour took Chan and Jenna from North Carolina to Charleston and will continue on through Philadelphia, Toronto, Chicago, and San Francisco before it lands back in Los Angeles for, from what I hear, a February 1st premiere. On today’s post, you’ll be able to check out a ton of new photos and video from fans and the media who attended the events. First up, FORT BRAGG…

The Fay Observer reports that hundreds of fans stood outside the York Theater on Saturday afternoon vying for a chance to hang out with the stars of ‘Dear John‘ at Fort Bragg. At the event, which was open to military ID holders, Chan told the Observer

“I just really hope that everybody likes the movie. We just really wanted to make a beautiful movie about two kids falling in love and extraordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.”

Chan and his co-star Amanda Seyfried arrived at the York Theater in humvees and made their way down the camouflage carpe, which was topped with a red carpet, to sign autographs, pose for pictures, and talk to fans who had been waiting for hours in some cases. Chan, Jenna, and Amanda also visited Womack Army Medical Center to meet with wounded Soldiers from the Warrior Transition Battalion.

Once inside the movie theater, Fort Bragg garrison commander Col. Stephen J. Sicinski presented the stars with miniature “Iron Mike” statues as a token of appreciation.

You can CLICK HERE or on the image above to check out a ton of new photos of Chan and Jenna from fans and media who attended the special event in the CTU Photo Gallery.

Here’s some footage and interviews from the Fort Bragg premiere… also posted a really great review for ‘Dear John‘ . You can read a snippet of it below…

“Dear John” is everything you expect it to be – weepy, touching and downright sweet…Seyfried and Tatum are charming enough to hold interest in their leading roles. Tatum, who starred in the lesser “G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra,” can come off as wooden, but here he gives a believable, heartfelt performance. Seyfried, of the TV series “Big Love,” has those large expressive green eyes perfect for showing how it feels to find true love…The film, though, truly belongs to the terrific supporting characters and mainly to the great character actor, Richard Jenkins, who plays John’s father. Jenkins gives an engaging performance as a man who does not know how to behave in social situations nor, most heartbreakingly, how to embrace his distant son. The story is as much about John’s relationship with his father as it is about the love story between Savannah and John….Henry Thomas of “ET” also gives a stellar performance as Savannah’s neighbor, a single dad who is raising an autistic son. Thomas is an understated, deliberate actor who gets a lot of the film’s funniest and most touching lines….Yes, there are humorous parts in “Dear John” as well as a grand romantic gesture, but there’s also sadness and sacrifice which make it a true Nicholas Sparks tale.”

Next stop…Charleston, South Carolina…

After honoring the military at Fort Bragg Chan and Jenna headed on over to Charleston, South Carolina (where a lot of the movie was filmed in late 2008) to attend a star-studded fundraiser for Carolina Autism, a local nonprofit that provides services to children and adults with autism. Ticket holders received a private screening of the film and the opportunity to mingle with the actors at a party afterward at the S.C. Aquarium.

Phil Blevins, the Executive Director of Carolina Autism, contacted me this morning to share the following details about the very successful event which raised approximately $100,000 for children battling autism

“Had a blast. The movie had people crying. Channing and Amanda stayed for the afterparty and participated in the charity auction. Channing auctioned off his Armani scarf for a thousand dollars and even auctioned the gum he was chewing.”

You can CLICK HERE or on the image above to check out a ton of new photos of Chan and Jenna from fans and media who attended the charity premiere in the CTU Photo Gallery.

In the videos below, fans can check out footage and interviews from the event…

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4 Responses to New Photos and Video of Chan and Jenna at the Fort Bragg and Charleston ‘Dear John’ Premieres

  1. Emanuel says:

    I was at the fort bragg premiere and met them all. Jenna Dewan is stunningly beautiful, possibly the most beautiful woman alive. Im the one who screamed I LOVE U AMANDA!!!! in the first video :D

  2. Esmi says:

    Honestly, i have to say that i this film was a heartbreaker!! i loved it! i barely wacthed Dear John last night and it took blew my mind away…i really really enjoyed it so much that im going to not only watch it two more times but i will add this moive to my moive collection! I’m a HUGE FAN OF CHANNING TATUM!!! I LOVE U!! I HONESTLY ADMIRE U AS AN ACTOR AND AS A PERSON!!! XOXOXOXOXOX I JUST WANT TO THANK U FOR UR HARD WORK AND WONDERFUL ROMANTIC FILM MAKING!!! XOXOXOXO

  3. Amanda says:

    First, I want to say “Congrats on your marriage to Jenna!” You two are SOOOO wonderful together :) I remember watching “Step Up” and thinking “these two would make a seriously GREAT couple!” And look! Now you are! I’m VERY happy for you two and blessings to you both. I pray that you two enrich each others lives. God Bless You. And remember: Love is NOT a feeling … it’s a choice: Love bears up under anything and everything that comes, is ever ready to believe the best of every person, its hopes are fadeless under all circumstances, and it endures everything [without weakening]. 1 Corinthians 13:7 (Amplified Version). This kind of love is unconditional love … it’s not going to be easy all the time, but I can tell you one thing after being married to my best friend for four years; It just keeps getting better :) That’s something one of our family’s friends told us right after we got married, and they’ve been married for over 30 years! So JOY to you both!
    I am getting SO antsy trying to go see “Dear John” My husband is in the ARMY (SATCOM) and we just had a little baby boy, so not only is money tight, but you can’t really bring an infant into a movie theater … even if he’s a REALLY good baby that SMILES 90% of the time :) Since we just PCS’d I don’t really know anyone enough to trust them to watch our baby. Also we’re in MD and we just got record breaking snow (over 2 feet!) and then I was hoping to go (leave the little guy with my hubby), but now we’re getting even MORE snow, so I’ll wait. I really like the author “Nicolas Sparks” I read and watched “The NoteBook” LOVED IT! And now I’ve read and have yet to see “Dear John” but I’m very excited to see it. You are a great actor Channing. Keep up the good work. Tell your beautiful wife to keep on dancing! :) Blessings to you both.

  4. Carey Clarkson says:

    Wow, being an ex Army servicemember, I am so proud that you went to Fort Bragg to start off your tour as that was my home base! Awesome!

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