Today, Universal released new character posters for Channing Tatum’s historical drama ‘Public Enemies‘ that feature the three leads in the film. You can check out the posters that feature Johnny Depp as 1930′s gangster John Dillinger, Marion Cotillard as Billie Frechette (Dillinger’s girlfriend), and Christian Bale as FBI Agent Melvin Purvis.

Official 'Public Enemies' Character Posters: Johnny Depp as John Dillinger Official 'Public Enemies' Character Posters: Marion Cotillard as Billie Frechette Official 'Public Enemies' Character Posters: Christian Bale as Melvin Purvis

You can also check out two new TV spots (Myth and Indiana) that Universal just released for the film below:

Although it’s a small role, Channing Tatum plays the iconic criminal Pretty Boy Floyd in ‘Public Enemies‘ and introduces Christian Bales’ character (FBI agent Melvin Purvis) to the moviegoers. Fans can CLICK HERE to check out Chan in the first trailer for the movie. You can also CLICK HERE to watch the newly released international trailer on our video channel.

Public Enemies‘ hits US theaters on July 1, 2009. Fans can CLICK HERE to get a current list of international release dates for the film.

Finally, ‘Public Enemies‘ will get a “first look” on HBO beginning on June 16th. Check your local listings to get show times. Thanks to CTU reader Belinda for the info on the show!

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