ANSWER: Release a new movie and then, get your profile featured on the new Celebrity Updates tab on the homepage of Myspace.

Since 2pm Central today we have had almost 2000 new friend requests (and counting). I’m not sure how long Chan’s profile will stay on the tab, but this is already the largest amount of friend requests we’ve gotten in a single day and it’s only been a few hours!

Prior to today, the record was a little more than 1000 friend requests in one day, so I’m definitely curious to see how high this could go.

Now, if I can only figure out how to approve more than 10 friends at a time, and all will be right with the world. :-)

Welcome to all of Channing Tatum’s new Myspace friends!!!

UPDATE: We hit a new record high on friend requests on Myspace. In 24 hours Chan’s official profile gained approximately 5,000 new friends, and thankfully, Myspace has now put the profile on auto-approve! If this is the kind of response we get with ‘Fighting‘, I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen when ‘G.I. Joe‘ is released!

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