As I mentioned before, Channing was scheduled to start filming ‘Pinkville‘ with Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone last November until the production was put on hold by the studio, supposedly because of the writer’s strike. Recently, rumors had been floating around that the film may be on again. Based on an interview Oliver Stone just did for GQ magazine, I think there may be very little truth to the rumors.

In the interview snippet below, you can clearly see that Oliver Stone is pulling no punches when he explains exactly why ‘Pinkville‘ was canceled and in my opinion, gives fans little hope that it’s going to resurface any time soon:

Is the My Lai massacre movie you were making before W. dead?
Pinkville? It can probably only come back if UA would give us the movie without paying them the money they’ve already spent. We started to make the movie. I mean, we built a whole village in Thailand! We have tons of stuff sitting in crates! There’s $6 million against the movie. And I don’t have that kind of money. They didn’t even pay all the bills. They stuck us with a bunch of them.

Is your sense that they got cold feet on the project and used the writers’ strike as the excuse?
Yes, of course that’s what happened. First they kept cutting our budget. We had our locations, we had our actors, we had everything picked out, and it was a very reasonable plan. Then Bruce Willis walked, and they were thrilled, because that gave them the final excuse to call it, even though we got Nicholas Cage. That was three weeks before shooting and right before Christmas. Let me remind you, that’s 120 Americans and 500 Thais put out of work right before Christmas. It was a cruel, heartless decision, and it was probably made because [UA’s] Lions for Lambs was perceived as a mess, a failure, and we were linked to these Iraq movies that weren’t working. The irony, of course, is that Pinkville is only about Iraq in a Holy Ghost–type way. It’s about the roots of Iraq, without being too close to it. It’s not a war movie. It’s JFK meets Platoon. It was about an investigation into the past and how the nature or man covers up evil. And I have UA going on and on about “Do the bad guys have to be Americans?” [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

It’s already extremely difficult to get a movie made, and the obstacles that ‘Pinkville‘ is currently encountering can make it down right impossible. Although Stone did not close the door on the project, it’s clear that there’s definitely some unresolved issues that could cause the film to sadly not see the light of day for a long while. It’s safe to say that I should probably keep this one in the “On Hold” category for now. :-(

On to happier movie news…

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried in 'Dear John'


Channing Tatum’s ‘Dear John‘ had an extras casting call last Saturday, and they are now seeking even more background actors for the production.

For those who are still interested in working as background on the motion picture adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel Dear John but were unable to attend the casting call, it’s not too late!!!!!!

The production is still seeking people of all ages and types for the film. They are also looking for actors with 1996-2001 vehicles in good condition, men with military experience, college age students, and men of Middle Eastern or Nigerian descent.

Those interested can contact the casting office at dear[email protected] for further instructions. However, no email photos or submissions can be accepted.

Dear John‘ is a romantic drama about a soldier who falls in love with a conservative college student while home on leave and will be filmed in the Charleston and Edisto areas of South Carolina.

Channing Tatum will play the lead character, John Tyree, and actress Amanda Seyfried of ‘Mamma Mia!’ and ‘Big Love’ will play his love interest, Savannah Curtis.

Filming is set to begin on October 13th, and ‘Dear John‘ will be helmed by Oscar-nominated director Lasse Hallstrom, whose credits include ‘Chocolat’, ‘The Cider House Rules’, ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ and ‘Something to Talk About’.

Good luck to everyone who auditions!!!

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