You’ll have to bare with me, because the title of today’s post is a bit misleading. It might actually be more appropriate for me to call it “Where in the World IS’NT Channing Tatum?”.

Thanks to we have photos of Johnny Depp on one of the last days of filming for Channing Tatum’s real-life crime drama ‘Public Enemies‘. You can CLICK HERE to check out even more pics. As I previously posted, Channing filmed his role as Pretty Boy Floyd way back in May before he went to Prague to complete ‘G.I. Joe‘.

Even though Chan was a part of the production, over the past weekend I know for sure that he WAS NOT at the ‘Public Enemies‘ wrap party that was held at Chicago’s West Loop hot spot Bon V.. Since Chan just returned home after wrapping his 2009 film ‘G.I. Joe‘ in the Czech Republic, he chose to get some much needed rest instead of attending the party.

Chan was in good company…Johnny Depp and Christian Bale weren’t able to make the soirée either, but co-stars Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Dorff, and Marion Cotillard and director Michael Mann did make appearances. Although there’s rumors they may have a little more filming, we can pretty much say that ‘Public Enemies is yet another film in the proverbial can and is set for a July 1, 2009 theatrical release.

Stuart Townsend and Charlize Theron at W Magazine's Private Screening of Channing Tatum's 'Battle in Seattle'

Another place where I’m fairly certain you COULD NOT find Channing this past weekend was last night’s private screening of his upcoming drama ‘Battle in Seattle‘. The exclusive screening was held at the Malibu Theater in Malibu, California and was hosted by W Magazine.

Although you may not have been able to find Chan, the party was attended by celebrities like Alexis Bledel, Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Dita Von Teese, Jason Bateman, Camila Alves, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Carpenter and Gabrielle Reece.

Battle in Seattle‘ is currently scheduled for a limited release in the US on September 19, 2008, so if you want it to show in your city, don’t forget to demand it!

Since this post was a bit of a tease, thanks to my extremely reliable inside sources I can let you all know where Chan WILL be in the coming months.

Because of the possible actor’s strike, our favorite actor may try to “go ghost” (aka Chan’s term for taking a break and going under the radar) this summer since he’s had such a jam-packed filming schedule, and I have been able to confirm that he will start filming his romantic drama ‘Dear John‘ in mid-September (a film I personally can’t wait to see).

Let this be a motivator to all of Chan’s Fabulous Fans around the world…If we want to see Channing this summer, it’s important that we all continue to vote for him everyday at

If he wins When he wins, he may just have to come out of hiding long enough to make an appearance on the TCA stage in August, so keep those votes coming!!! ;-D

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