It’s extremely rare that I run across new photos of Channing Tatum from old photo shoots, but the gorgeous photo on the left and most of the photos on this post surprisingly fit into that category.

Thanks to Jo who runs a Jenna Dewan fan site, we now have previously unreleased outtakes of Channing from his popular George Lange photo shoot for the September 2006 issue of Teen People.

Although you may have seen a couple of the photos below, I’m happy to say that majority of this blast from the past will be new to most fans. Enjoy!!!

Fans can CLICK HERE to see a slideshow of all of the photos from this George Lange photo shoot.

Although you may have already seen them, Jo has sent me even more photos from other well-known Channing Tatum photo shoots, and I will be posting them on the site later this week. Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped!!!

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  1. Jody Lynn says:

    you are soo freakin hott!! I love lookin at pictures of you!!

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