If you check out the latest issue of Seventeen Magazine you’ll find Channing Tatum in their Love Life section in an article called “Class of 2008″. Coincidentally, the cover of the popular US mag features his ‘She’s the Man‘ co-star Amanda Bynes.

In addition to Chan, the article also features popular artists and musicians Zac Efron, Chris Brown, Pete Wentz, Brody Jenner, Drake Bell, Bow Wow, Chace Crawford, and Shia LaBeouf.

Channing’s photo in the article was taken when he attended the GQ Magazine 50th anniversary party last year in New York City right before he started to film his upcoming movie ‘Fighting‘. You can CLICK HERE to check out all of the photos of Channing from the event. and you can click on the image below to read the new Seventeen Magazine article.

The can find the May issue of Seventeen Magazine on newsstands right now and thanks to Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Colby for letting me know about the article.

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2 Responses to IN THE PRESS: Channing Tatum in May 2008 Issue of Seventeen Magazine

  1. Jenny Shen says:

    i saw that!!! like 2 weeks ago i think…

  2. channing_tatum_fan says:

    I have the magazine I just bought it cause it had channing in it. Also I love amanda bynes!

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