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Here is today’s Channing Tatum most frequently asked question and answers:

Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Nanci C.’s Question:
Can you find out about his workouts? I mean we all really appreciate his obvious assets, but how does he enhance those assets by working out?

CTU Answer:
Here’s what Will, Channing’s trainer from Billion Dollar Bodies, Inc., had to say about his training regimen for his most recent film ‘Fighting‘…

What type of workout routine did you recommend for Chan to help him prepare for his role in the film?
To maximize Chan’s results within the short time frame I was given to work with, our sessions basically consisted of a variety of high intensity circuit workouts. To keep his body from getting used to one particular routine, we did some weight training indoors as well as some bodyweight exercises outside at a local park. Now for those who are not familiar with circuit training, simply put, it’s stringing a number of exercises back to back with very little or even no rest in between. In my opinion, circuit training is the most effective method of exercise when it comes to changing body composition simply because it keeps the heart rate elevated throughout the duration of the workout and it enables your body to burn fat at a very high rate for an extended period of time after your workout it over.

Chan told me that he lost 30lbs with your workout and diet regimen. How quickly did he have to lose the weight?
When I was contacted to work with Chan, it was about 5 weeks prior to shooting. He got started on his nutrition plan immediately which helped him drop 5-10lbs, however we didn’t start working out until 2 weeks later. So basically Chan dropped an additional 20 lbs in only about 3 weeks of training! When preparing a client for an event I usually spend about 8 to 12 weeks with them, so I can definitely add this one to my list of last minute miracles ;).

What type of diet did you have Chan on to help him maintain his weight through out the 2 month film shoot?
Chan’s diet was by far the most important factor in his weight loss. I believe in allowing my clients to eat the things they enjoy, just modified versions which contain more protein and fiber with less fat and calories. I think going on crash diets and/or eating bland foods in the name of weight loss only sets you up for failure. I have an amazingly talented chef on my team who can take any food you like and create a healthier version that tastes just as good, so basically Chan was eating burgers, lasagna, french toast, etc., everything was just made with low fat, whole wheat, and organic ingredients. And plenty of veggies!
Thanks to Will for taking the time to answer my questions and thanks to Nanci for submitting her question! If you want to submit a question about Channing Tatum, email it [email protected] and I will try to get it answered for you in the following Channing Tatum for Dummies article. I cannot guarantee that I will have an answer for every question, but I will tell you what I know (or at the very least give you an opinion on the subject).

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6 Responses to CHANNING TATUM FOR DUMMIES… Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

  1. Alex says:

    Alex is going on the Chan diet now.
    I need to find me a chef. (turns to look at roommate) Eh, that works.

  2. Marlie says:

    I am so jealous, I wish I could lose 20lbs in two weeks. *sigh* I am going on a diet….again! lol

  3. Naz says:

    WOW, is evry1 gona go on a diet nw?

  4. lia says:

    haiiiiiii my name is lia, i’m living in indonesia. so I just wanna say, I like with you movie step up . Thx before n GBU

  5. rikki miles says:

    omg i swear, channing better be in step up 3-D

  6. klaus says:

    hey chan.
    short time ago i’ve seen both step up films with u ( very good choreography —> respect) …..
    my question is….: did you ever dance before??? (in your childhood/youth/early adultery)
    which film will be next?
    do you plan to act in another dancing-film??
    kind regards
    …. klaus ( personaltrainer/dancer from austria—> europe)

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